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About the company and its history. BS products consist of regenerative rubber and EPDM composite material. Let me learn more about your company. Find out who you know at Hoppec Rubber Flooring, use your professional network and get hired. The Dropzone rubber floor from Tarkett Sports is the industry standard for power rooms.

Gummibodenbeläge - Best company for rubber floors in Great Britain

One of the best-known types of flooring in the UK, rubber mats are characterised by the special properties of rubber mats. Because it is non-slip, our non-slip rubber flooring provides protection against falling and fatigue; it also cushions the effects of falling, reducing the chance of serious injury.

Mat systems are known for the easiness with which they are available to the user because they are absolutely convenient. Rubber floors are available in different colours and forms to meet the different needs of different areas. As a rule, rubber is used for flooring throughout the UK because it offers excellent properties and convenience.

The rubber plates are made of high-quality rubber and are suitable for bigger rooms. Due to their superior properties, rubber tiles are used as commercially available rubber flooring throughout the UK. Due to their superior skid resistance, Anti-Skid rubber panels can be used anywhere in office, Kitchen and Bathroom applications.

The rubber flooring provides immediate draining, works as a damper against drops and overall reduction of the danger of slipping. Rubber floors are made of environmentally sound materials. Rubber security tile is preferentially used by the country's inhabitants for various uses, from the garages to the floors of their lovely homes.

A wide range of utilities in and around the UK have chosen our high performance acoustics panels. Don't ever worry about getting the best, because it's our pledge. Gymnasium flooring requires a suitable floor covering to prevent the possibility of serious injury, so gymnastic matting must be carefully chosen. Lawn rubber matting protects the lawn from unwanted weather; it also has non-slip properties that help prevent slipping and eventually injury from slipping.

Occupational health and safety blankets are very important in the industry to ensure the security of employees, because even a small slippage in areas of large machines can be lethal to them. When you are a salesman who is selling various rubber goods, or a person who wants to use some rubber goods in the home or at work, the rubber flooring articles we make are for you.

Our company offers tailor-made rubber and gymnastic blankets, each of which is individually tailored to the customer's needs. Our company also offers stall flooring, with which you can obtain convenient rubber floors for horses and stalls. Not only do our rubber plate product lines look special, but they also differ from other rubber articles through the use of high grade material and state-of-the-art production technologies.

Our experienced design teams can be consulted to produce your preferred floor design where the designer works for free. Do you want tailor-made lawn matting and do you want to have the possibility to customise it by selecting different material? Then go to our category area to choose your required mat.

You can order the rubber tile now at our shop at competitive prices. Our company is the UK Playing Field Tile which can ensure punctual deliveries to any UK location where the print is maintained at the highest level of print accuracy.

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