Rubber Mat Roll

roll of rubber mat

MattTek is Australia's leading supplier of rubber mat rolls for floor coverings and floor coverings. Optionally, rubber mat rolls are available in black and basic colours. Also we offer rollers with rubber mats for a larger range of floor protection. The Wye mat is a high-quality rubber ring mat roll. What thickness should I choose for the rubber mat roll?

Melbourne Wrapped Rubber Mat, Rolls with Rubber Mats

Numerous structured and stamped non-slip finishes - chequer plate, rivets, corrugated etc. Natur rubber, high quality SBR rubber, nitrogen rubber, Fras rubber, etc. Wide range of non-slip roller covers for all non-slip application. Rubber mat rollers create tremendous drag under the feet and can be used in a wide range of non-slip environments such as indoor and outdoor platforms, lobbies, walkways, skid areas, grocery vehicles, busses, semi-trailers, railways, streetcars, noises and all floor coverings.

In our assortment available kinds of rubber mats are as follows:

Gum and vinyl rollers

Available in 1 to 150 ft roll, our rubber and vinyls are available in a variety of lengths. Roller rubber and Vinyl Roller Blankets are perfect when additional security, directional and directional roll retention is needed. Walking surfaces are often used in corridors, storage halls, factory buildings, sales areas and stable buildings, to name but a few.

Most of our roller wheels, as always, have between 33% and 100% recycling. The clear vinyl running mat allows the rug or rigid surface to shine through under the mat, protects the surface from dust, grime and damp, increases grip and facilitates easy maintenance. Fluted paper running boards can help prevent slippage and fall through improved grip, even when subjected to humidity and chemical attack.

Extra tread pattern provides extra grip for this beloved mat. Featuring a sturdy design, this mat provides skid-proof and long lasting performance. The Kleen-Rite structured rubber mat is the solution when the running mat's grip is a must. The rubber matting has extended the service live and endurance. Long lasting rubber pads are ideal for areas that need extra grip in damp conditions.

Normally these closed-cell rubber rotors do not take up fluids. Radial rotor mat offers a back feeling and a secure catwalk. Elevated tread design offers optimum tread power and minimum abrasion. Diamond metal running mats are characterised by a high-reflection, high-grade steel-like look and at the same time have a light, versatile synthetic material structure.

The metal running mat is perfect for any exhibition space, workbench, tools box, shelf, under car or bicycle for accentuation or wherever an appealing mat is needed. The button top running mat is characterized by a convenient, rubberized design. This mat is reversed to prolong its lifetime. The pyramidal structure provides outstanding grip to this superb mat.

Greater skid and colour diversity make this mat a favourite aesthetic option. The Kushion Walk is a sturdy, abrasion-resistant stretcher that blends humble convenience with sturdy design. You've already seen it with a moulded rubber mat.

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