Rubber Mat with Holes

Hole rubber mat

Elastic rubber compound reduces fatigue and provides support. As a result, rubber runners are perfect for use in kitchens and behind spirits bars. Most of our rubber mats also have holes to facilitate water drainage. Drainage mat is a rubber mat with holes that cover its surface. Adaptable rubber mat manufactured to your specifications.

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: Approximately 24% of them are rubber flooring, 21% are rubber slabs and 13% are rubber floors. There is a large selection of rubber matting with hole option, such as bars, movement and bathrooms. Made of rubber, PVC and 100% polyesters. Rubber blankets with holes are available in minis, puzzles and uni.

We have 1,686 rubber blankets with hole supplier, mainly in Asia. China (mainland), India and Taiwan are the main supplier nations, accounting for 98%, 1% and 1% respectively of rubber matting with holes. Perforated rubber matting is the most widely used in North America, the domestic market and Western Europe.

Safeguard your products by choosing from a range of approved vendors, 775 with ISO9001, 112 with Others, and 61 with BSCI certifications.

Doormats with holes - Anti-fatigue drainage mat

Compound to withstand fat, oils, acids and alkalis. Long hole bores ensure good dewatering. The Counter Tread is a mixture of rubber and polyamide fibres that can withstand years of hard use. The open slit construction allows liquids to pass through the mat and provides a secure, non-slip work area. And all this with the advantage of anti-fatigue characteristics.

Multidirectional fins on the top provide a secure hold. Curved corners that don't bend. Robust meshes made of rubberised textile connectors welded to galvanised springsteel wires. They can be used on doors, behind counter, on the front of work tables, on assembling line and in the workshop.

Chamfered or rectangular meshes are available on demand. Matting available up to a width of 7' x 25' length in one section. There is no baying in the full sized mat. The mat is not only Reversible, but also very durable against greases, oil and greases. Rinse away lightly dust and fat.

The mat should be used in shower rooms, sauna rooms, pools or changing rooms where a non-slip finish is required. They are insensitive to oil, fat, acids and alkalis. The Heron Rib has a special stamped, non-slip finish. Manufactured from non-porous PVC with ribbed bases for automatic self-draining. Excellent grip, anti-fatigue and lower costs make this mat the first choise when no duck board is required.

They are insensitive to oil, fat, acids and alkaline solutions. The Vynagrip has a special stamped, non-slip finish. Obtainable with the added advantage of having bright green borders to indicate the route and increase security. The same locking mechanisms are available for either ribbed or ribbed edge in either gold or gold. Can withstand most chemical agents. For the full versions see #0616S or #0616G for the top grain versions.

Use our corn top bricks for maximal grip. Tungsten-carbide grains provide optimum grip in areas where oils, waters, solvents and/or chemical agents are present. Chamfers and angle joints are available in the colours dark or security gold. Chamfer edge and edge are not grained. It is made of strong PVC, which is very durable against industry chemical.

In addition, it has slit holes that allow fluids to be safely drained from the work area. Elevated pyramidal shape enhances pull. The nubbed underside provides protection against tiredness and allows draining from below. Available also with Grit Step grinding pad for extra grip. Bevelled and cornered edge are available.

Blankets are available with holes for dewatering. Drain holes allow fluids and debris to flow through the mat. Robust 7/8" thick rubber design for damp environments. Comes in a fat proof mat in either dark or dark brown. Also available in a grain finish for added grip.

Eventually a mat with all the functions you need. Light, convenient and integrated bevelled edge. Safe-Walk Jr. has holes for dewatering. The mat is designed with grease-resistant characteristics for years of use. Comes in universal dark grey, greaseproof grey or grey with a grainy finish for improved pull.

Robust 7/8" design with robust, bevelled edges. Comes in a grease-resistant finish in either dark or dark grain for added grip. Chamfer 3 side chamfer meshes are bevelled on one side and 2 long sides of the mat. Chamfer meshes on 4 sides are bevelled on all 4 sides. High strength and tight nitrile rubber cellular rubber combines with a unique design to provide superior anti-fatigue performance.

Fat and oilsistant. Also available with protective strip in the form of a protective strip. Silicon hard coating on the non-slip surfaces provides excellent grip in moist, greasy areas. Antislip surface: With or without holes. Made from 100% high dense enclosed cellular rubber latex. Much better fat and fat fastness than other "fat resistant" matting.

The flat and non-slip finish prevents slipping and falls. Antimicrobial - protects against decomposition by microorganisms and minimises matting, which is a smell well. With or without holes. Bevelled edge for secure entry. Refer to article 430 for the holeless mat options. Robust PVC work mat for damp conditions where aggressive chemical attack is required.

The Pillow Locomotive mat has several hundred holes to ease dewatering, while the operator is lifted on swords to enhance grip. For workers' protection, six square diamond-set sloping platforms are fixed on three sides for six inches in width. Yellow security edge stock, dark edge on demand.

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