Rubber Mats for Electrical Safety

Mats for electrical safety

High quality rubber mats for electrical applications. Operating voltage, standing seam and test bench testing of electrical Safety Mats. It is invaluable to use electrical insulation mats, as the flooring under the control cabinets protects the safety of the worker from possible power failures. The SAFE electrical insulation mats are high-voltage rubber mats, they are. Contributions to electric rubber mats written by Isoliermatten.

Gummimatten for the electrical sector | Finished material

Our range includes high-quality rubber mats for electrical applications. The electric rubber pad is strongly advised to protect workers from electrical dangers. The electric rubber mats are very economic and also suited for general use. We do however advise the use of insulated rubber mats according to the latest standard in India, e.g. IS 15652:2006 for electrical isolation.

Our rubber insulation mats are made of rubber with good electrical stability and good mechanic characteristics.

Adequate safety and precautions can help avoid or minimise the likelihood of an occupational hazard.

Adequate safety and precautions can help avoid or minimise the likelihood of an occupational hazard. You and your staff are offered a high level of safety. Use electrical protective mats at this point if you are working near or with any kind of electrical cabinet, control panel, or other mechanic device that could be subject to electrical hazard.

Risk of electrical shocks is caused by ineffective mechanically operated devices or cables or devices that are not earthed. Electrocution severity depends on the amount of electricity flowing through the object and the duration of the electrical connection. Small bumps cause a jerk in the system, but prolonged bumps can cause muscular cramps, movement losses and even deaths.

An additional risk from electrical contacts is that of burning, which occurs where the electricity intrudes into the human organism and exits it. They need safety when working with electrical appliances. Use of Safety Mats and various degrees of enclosure is determined by a few parameters specified by the HSE: Who may be injured?

Which precautionary measures should be taken to avoid the risk of an incident? Advise an experienced technician to find out what kind of equipment you need. By stepping back and taking a look at all the hazards associated with the work you are about to begin, you can find out whether you need a mat or not.

If you have your rubber blanket for electrical purposes, you need to keep it up and running and test it on a routine basis with the aim of keeping it working as suggested. The majority of mats are not resistent to acids, oils and similar chemical agents. It is important to store the mats in a clean, far from damageable place when not in use, and it is important to check the mats for possible damage, such as punctures, abrasion or cracks, to ensure that they function properly.

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