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Switch mats for playgrounds can mean the difference between an emergency room and a boo-boo. "Protect your family with rubber floors for playgrounds. Get in touch with Durable about anti-fatigue mats and flooring options today. Safety zone warning mats - sport and fitness mats. Anti-slip O-ring rubber matting.

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Bardwell Safety Matting safety doormats are the cornerstone of our Bardwell Safety Matting operations. Non-slip matting - wet and slip-resistant. Greaseproof matting - areas subject to oils and greases, cut dirt and aggressive chemical volatiles. Antifatigue Matting - workbenches, machines, packaging and grading, shipping.

Entry matting - factory/warehouse to offices, major entries and lively walkway. In Melbourne - throughout Australia - Bardwell Safety Matting has made a name for itself with the widest selection of rubber safety matting. Be it a slip pad, a swimming poolshedeck, or an anti-fatigue system, we always have the most efficient safety rubber mat.

The air cushion mat is perfect for every single workplace or cash register and is frequently used in industry, print shops and garages. Rubber forehead knobs and a wafer finish ensure a bulletproof wiping effect. Perfect for cuisines, behind grills, eateries, cafes, assembling line and cash desks. Self-emptying system makes Flexi Rib perfect for all sport and recreational environments.

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This rollable safety mat is perfect for any location that requires a permanent, non-slip, sound proof and padded ground in busy areas and aisles. The Safety Mat is particularly slip-resistant when used outside in damp or ice weather - made in Germany for winter in Europe. Approved according to DIN 4102 by the German Institute for Occupational Safety (BIA) with the highest possible certificate for slide-proofness.

Ideally suited for entrance ways to houses, senior and day care centers, hospitals, boutiques, hotels, banking, shops and pubs or restaurant. The Safety Mat can be loosely installed (self-locking in areas over 3 sqm). The Safety Mat can be washed with a gentle cleaning agent (do not use solvents) or with vapour. Antislip timed lap mat for RFID timed runs of running mats for races, running mats, etc.

Matting can be laid on different types of surface. Have your Safety Mat imprinted! It is possible to have your safety mat imprinted with almost any pattern (see picture on the right).

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