Rubber Tray car Mats

Elastic shell car mats

Rubber Whorae Heavy Duty runner. To make the right choice for car carpets, the following criteria are important: size, durability, easy cleaning, slip resistance and a reasonable price. Home /; Floor Mats & Liner /; Universal Floor Mats /;

Trimmable Rubber Drop Deck Floor Mats. Boot liner Liner Protector (suitable for: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport). Not one of that clunky Trojan ribbed or tray that looks like crap from today.

Highly resilient PIC AUTO rubber freezer wall mats for the floor area

Protect your car, lorry or SUV with our high-quality all-weather rubber mats. Inside your car, changes in temperature and temperature bombard the car. Sludge, snow, water and ice are in constant touch with the ground of your car or lorry and destroy your interiors as they gradually damage and deteriorate your everyday commute.

Protecting the ground of your car from these features, our peculiar doormats direct sludge and moisture into easy-to-clean bags and burrs. You can easily rinse our all-weather car carpets and easily use them. Rubber waterproofing allows you to remove every type of debris, sludge, sand and debris from every single mats, thus regaining their original gloss and making them shiny with every laundry.

In contrast to carpet mats, which capture dirt and sludge deeply into their fibres and need hard chemical cleaning, our all-weather mats are simple to wash and last a life. These mats are made from high grade, long lasting rubber that meets last season's requirements.

Our mats' dirt- and weather-repellent qualities make them look like new for years to come. Highly resilient burrs and grooves help remove dirt and snows from your footwear and boots while they remain locked in the pad and free from the carpeting of your car. Doormats can be adapted to a wide range of makes and types of vehicles.

The mats are ideal for passenger car, truck and SUV. The front and back mats are specially developed for most street use. Check out our sizes above to make sure you get the right fitting for your car.

Technical rubber boot mat / tray 900mmx600mm quality car/4WD heavy duty waterproof

A new HEAVY Duty rubber boots mat that suits you: Keeping your trunk cleaner and protected from cutting, staining and attrition. Thank you very much for your attention and don't miss to have a look at all our restoration basics in our shop. There is a clear trackingnumber in your package, which will be sent to you by e-mail when it is shipped, so that you can keep an overview of your order.

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