Rubber welcome Mat

Welcome Rubber Mat

Spring Bouquet Rubber Welcome Mat uses a cast iron flower design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Greet yourself and your guests in your home with this rubber door lining. Welcome mat made of rubber with Seminole Head. The rubber welcome mat is perfect for use on balconies, terraces, docks, entrance areas, showers or boat decks. The interlocking vinyl tiles are joined together.

This funky, colourful mats are made from recycled rubber flip flops.

"Fr├╝hlingsstrau├č" Rubber Welcome Mat

Spring Bouquet" rubber entry mat features an elegantly flowery design, making it a beautifully aesthetic floor mat that looks good in any home or workspace. The rubber semi-oval front mat is a great gift for your mother or grandmother as it is the ideal end to any trip to your home.

As well as being stylish, these doormats are made of rubber and regenerated rubber to offer superior grip and skid protection in damp entrance areas. Constructed of rubber, this mat offers a robust, long-lasting texture that lasts for many years.

Whilst the flower mat does not odour like a "spring bouquet", the blossoms act as drain openings for fresh and fresh running rain and make this rubber mat efficient even in damp conditions. Beautiful decorative rubber exterior door mats for any environmentally friendly household or family!


The mat and writing both consist of the Kleensorb, a molded rubber ground with small rubber circles coated with a durable polished propylene rug finish, with the back of the rubber ground consisting of rubber springs shaped to grasp the ground finish (carpet or rigid ground) and direct the mat's motion.

Grey Bailey Rubber Welcome Mat

Greet yourself and your patrons in your home with this rubber doorframe. Bailey's detail is discreetly displayed in the corners, in a classy rubber look, and the big embassy entitled "Welcome" will probably make your face soar. Elevated rubber lining traps debris and rocks that stick to your footwear and prevents you from running them through your car or canopy.

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