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Design your own carpet with our Custom Rug Designer. Leading British design brand producing the best designers and contemporary carpets in the world. Latest tweets from The Rug Company (@TheRugCompany). Leading British design brand producing the best carpets in the world. Carpets perfect for every room.

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Combine your creative skills with your craft and find your favorite carpet. There is a wide range of carpet design, from colourful blocks to lush pattern, and in countless different genres - abstraction, artistic decoration, flowery and geometrical, to name a few. If your styling is courageous and up to date or subdued and traditionally, we have the carpet for your home.

On the occasion of our 20 year jubilee, we invited Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Suzanne Sharp, Alexander McQueen and Kelly Wearstler to contribute their creativity to a capsular carpet design line of handcrafted carpets.

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Rug Isberian Company | Expert in the Fine Arts of Carpets

Different choices, master restoration, repair and clean. Carpets, kelims and Navajo fabrics, oriented, antique, contemporary, individual. Isberian Rug Company was established more than 100 years ago and has been serving the Roaring Fork Valley since 1967. More than five generation the company offers its customers the widest range of extraordinary eastern carpets, ancient and classy contemporary and individual carpets, kelims and Navajo weaves.

Colorado is the only full-service carpet establishment in Colorado to provide on-site carpet repairs and restorations, carpet cleanup, and carpet accreditation work.

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