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Warrington, Warrington, Warrington. How do you feel about Therugretailer? Rug Retailer is a retail company that offers runners and carpets online. Latest tweets from The Rug Retailer (@TheRugRetailer). This carpet dealer supplies modern and traditional carpets and runners.

Carpets for sale online - Choose from 20000 carpets.

Proud of our outstanding levels of client care, we are committed to ensuring that you make a sale that not only satisfies you, but inspires you and gives you years of pleasure. Zero Interest Available We provide many methods of payments to make your purchasing as simple as possible.

Founded in 1995 and with ten thousand satisfied clients, you can be sure that we will remain here.

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A great place to do your shopping, simple from order to shipment with excellent communications. There'?s no communications, no deliveries, out of reach. There is no communications, no deliveries, no one ever responds to the phones, no one responds or confirms e-mails. so disappointed that the carpet does not deliver well over the proposed periods ordered on the website, so often attempts have been made to get in touch, but the phones ring and e-mails never get responded. after sales services, what this is! non-existent because they simply do not talk. look locally at the prices of your carpet could be a little less expensive and cause less disappointment.

Carpet retailer answer after I hunted them for an answer to the photographs I sent was to trim the loosely strung strings with shears, totally unacceptable, I have never bought such a bad grade carpet. Extreme bad services don't know how he gets away with such bad qualities and services.

Deliveries should be made within 15 working day. Please note that I called The Rug Retailer, Unit 42, Gateway 49, Kerfoot Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 8NT, (Off Winwick Rd A49) before ordering. Chris told me about the demands and said that the carpet I needed was in store. For my order on August 11, 2016 Chris said that I would get my order by Tuesday, August 16, no later than Wednesday, August 17.

Chris I told Chris that I needed it for the week-end as the visitors visited it, Chris did not confirm any problems as it will be shipped. Until Thursday 18 August, I had not had my shipment, which not only cheated me but also worried me. Talked to Danny at the carpet store who said he would track the shipment, I had said that the status/tracking of my order was outstanding on line, which really worried me, Danny said he would call me back.

Danny said that the order was with the APC messenger and would be shipped to me by noon on Friday, August 19. Shipment did not show up, I hunted it again on the afternoons of August 22 and Chris acknowledged that it had been shipped later in the day, we had localized the package and found that the package was bad.

Once again I approached the shop on Thursday 25 August and talked to Danny. I' m repulsed by the general and improfessional behavior of Danny, without clients; there's no deal. Client care is of great importance, client problems and grievances should be handled professionally and solved with the greatest respect and decency.

Danny has no human relations abilities and his behavior is a socialopath, which accounts for his secular speech, rage and vulgarity. Please use this firm to provide impeccable services.

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