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Find out why companies across the country trust Aramark for our high quality range of durable floor mats that are suitable for a variety of industries and business needs. Carpets from the Orient and the region. The right care for your whole carpet. At Aegis Fine Rug Services we offer carpet cleaning services in Austin, TX, for your oriental and Persian carpets. Your carpets will be treated with care and washed by hand.


Founded in 1912, we are a family-run company. Over the years, we have created a carpet cleaning and restoration method that is unmatched in the world. We have been looking after carpet for over 100 years and 4 generation only. Cleaning of carpet from side to side (carpets at home).

I don't think we do carpet sales. We offer a wide range of services:

Cleaning a carpet: Carpets, Middle Eastern carpets and more area

But after a while, vacuum cleaning just isn't enough to really do it. However, unless your carpet is giant or extreme sensitive, there is no need to employ a pro for this job. As soon as you know how to carpet, this design is one that you can take over yourself. Continue reading to find out how you can freshen up these well-behaved carpets so that they look as good as when you rolled them out for the first time.

Old mats, Persian mats and other soft items should be given to masters. This type of carpet is costly to buy and therefore it is worth investing in its maintenance to keep it in good condition. Only clean carpet if it is clearly soiled or has an odour.

When you have a pet, use the scrub cap to remove lost hair. They can also use gentle dishwashing liquid blended with heated tap wash in a can. Avoid using boiling bottled running oil as it may cause the carpet to fade or contract. Try the carpet around the edge to make sure it is colourfast.

Incorporate the detergent into the foam on the carpet using a foam pad or a flexible toothbrush. Flush the carpet with a flexible tube or bucket of fresh carpet cleaner to remove the detergent. Ensure that all the detergent solutions have been taken off the carpet and that the drainage is clear. This is where you will want to get as much surplus moisture out of the carpet as possible so that it dries more quickly.

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