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Carpets are home accessories that are often later thoughts when decorating a room. Finest handmade Persian carpets, Iranian carpets & rugs in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Large collection of luxurious Persian carpets, rugs and antiques. Contemporary carpet showroom in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Barsha. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, you can get a wide selection of modern carpets at affordable prices.

How should you buy carpets in Dubai? These are our top 6 tips

Your floor will thank you for everything from inexpensive rugs to royally valuable rugs. Once the quicksilver reaches 40°C and above (groaning), the cold tile or laminate flooring in your home is wonderful. Many of The Rug Company's items are imported from Nepal as part of the Goodweave program, a non-profit organization that ensures that no children's labor is used, so if indoor spaces are your thing for ethical reasons, you should definitely verify this.

The Satwa curtain is packed with a wide range of persian carpets of all shapes and colours and prices and you can choose between all new and old in this hidden object collection. Look, if you just want something that fills a gap that doesn't destroy the bench, this interior design veteran from Sweden should be on your roster.

Unless you're concerned abouthenticity, flat-woven skids in multicoloured yarns will take you back from Dhs19, while around Dhs145 you can get Art Deco Low Floor Art Deco rugs. At Ikea we also carry a range of Eastern hand-knotted rugs from DS900 to DS4,800. When you' re a little bit of a haggler, don't be afraid to try Sharjah's Blue Souk - it's probably the best place to get a real Persian carpet with no shopping surcharge.

As there are a dozen rug vendors here, we suggest you start at Sheba's - owned by Rashad Al Ghazali who has been choosing handcrafted items for the shop since 1980. Maybe if buying from the couch is your thing, you should add a marker to this pure on-line interior shop. Modern housewives are convinced by the brand's wide selection of reused Burza rugs - they are made by neutralizing old, hand-woven Turkic rugs and then overdying them with a refreshing tint.

The shopping centre works with clients to produce rugs that meet their needs in terms of color, patterns and sizes, but there are also many ready-made rugs if you need advice. You will find hand-knotted New Zealand wool, fine woven Tibetian silk and a fascinating different line of matt cowhide mats.

Silky Iranian rugs, for example, rather predominate the more expensive side of the range, while import woollen rugs from Turkey are more accessible. Reverse rugs to verify the number of knots - the more the better, and if the design on the back is clear then you have a high value one.

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