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The carpets we produce are directly machine-made and hand tufted. Made-to-measure Moroccan carpets. Frames, sizes, samples, made to measure and delivered to your door. Most flat-woven carpets, however, are made of a mixture of cotton and wool. These shaggy carpets & braided woven carpets bring warmth to most rooms.

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An amalgamation of Australia based Katie McKinnon's characteristic etheric and maritime works into luxury texts and seaside rugs. SECASPRAYA hand-woven synthetic silk carpet in the essential blues of the SECASPRAYA..... Rightly called after its capacity to convey a series of emotions to the observer, this line is a mixture of fashionable and classic, which is also influenced by the....

With Evoke Provincial with its shameful patterns in a breathtaking Royal Blue Used-Look look, superimposed on a blank backdrop. Completely new transition styles show a gentle abrasive effect, a satin finish handle and trendy colors that are uniquely suitable for.... An enchanting, shallow lyre weave material blend that turns any carpet into a structural wonder, with its timeless diamonds designed in a special.....

Our castle collections feature breathtaking ancient transition carpets, professionally hand-woven by experienced craftsmen. Like no other previous Fluid series, the Fluid series encompasses and play with color. There is a hybrid transition dance dancing with pale washing effect and consciously placed colors in..... Handmade from natural shades of woollen and rayon, this highly desirable carpet is crafted from natural shades of woollen and rayon.

The Byzance Tribal is a must from our range..... Mirage, part of the Argentina Collections by Addiction, is a contemporary, black, monochrome carpet. It' s stunning rotating stack is machined from heatset polypropylene to give it longevity and longevity.... Handknotted from wool and viscose, it has a long-lasting and shiny surface.

Handcrafted from 100% woolen, the Diamond Columbia is ideal for many different types of interiors. Featuring a sleek tone-on-tone look and plain colors, it is subtly too.....

"Twice measured, once cut."

"Twice measured, once cut." Ensure that you order the right sizing for your room by using the sizing chart below. To be measured: your whole seat. Allow at least 6-8" carpets on both sides of your couch. There is each item of carpet on the carpet finish.

Your furniture's front feet lie on the carpet. In bigger rooms the whole room can be on the carpet. Measurable: your whole eating area, including your seats. Be sure to keep at least 18" to 24" carpets on all sides of the dinner tray. They want all their seats on the carpet at all time.

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