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Carpets add refinement and comfort to any living space. Areas of rugs at Rugs USA, from contemporary rugs to braided, traditional and flokati shag rugs. Come and visit us for a wide selection of high quality large and medium sized carpets in many styles and colours. Carpets are one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your living room or bedroom a new look. Hispanic hand-woven earthy carpets, throws, pillows + photo prints.

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Received an instant acknowledgment number, but never my carpet. And then 5 and a half nights later I phoned to see when it would arrive and client services said it was never sent because of an illegal number. He pretended that he could quite easily be negligent and spoke and laughed with someone in the back when he was talking to me on the telephone.

I then asked to talk to a superior, and he said that I would forward you to her mailbox, but you probably wouldn't get a call back. "then she sent me off to her voicemail." It is my first order from RugsUSA on my friend's advice, and it was a horrible first encounter and I still haven't received a call from my manager or the new carpet I ordered".

Felt-Ball Carpet USA Reviews

Oh, I really like both my carpets! Oh, I really like both my carpets! Excellent qualitiy and processing! They' re of good qualitiy and were sent really fast, which was fantastic. For me, the hard part was choosing the colours. Thought it was hard to see the real colour, and some of them were a different colour than I had foreseen.

The delivery came later than originally anticipated, but I got a small excuse and a small present with felt ornamented when the order came. I' d suggest it to anyone who looks like felt pads. It was a great idea to bring the products to the point of beauty! It was a great buying sensation, just a quick check -out, but above all, I got my order VERY fast!

It' s a fantastic item and their support was great. Note that the item comes from abroad and must clear custom (which is a bit slow). This was my first order and I got a really good after sales team. They all look the same and the colours look really nice too.

I ordered felt pads that came quickly and were graded by colour (which will help with reorders). There was also a colour palette, so my second order will be even simpler to place because now I can see the colours that are all in front of me and not just on-line.

Felt spheres were neat, odourless, nice and colourful and evenly-formed. Terrific work. It was a surprise how quickly I got my first order of felt ball. Even the workmanship was very good. We' ve just begun to wear felt ball, so we will buy more and a few different size.

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