Safety Bath Mat

security bath mat

Bathmats are a tripping hazard for seniors. Instead, use these safe bath mats. Traditional bathtub mats sold in stores are generally accepted, but are usually not reliable in preventing slips and falls. Set spa-like comfort in your home with the safety bath mat Pillow Top. Homecraft Safety Bath Mat is a non-slip mat with suction cups and drainage openings.

Hazards of plastic bath mats

The majority of synthetically produced matting is either PVC or vinylic. This material is poisonous and research shows that it also causes harm to the airways, spinal cord, reproduction system and hepat. Vinyls emit gases that can enter the bathtub waters. First of all you will think that when you open them for the first time, bath matting made of plastics will have a good odor.

There is this "plastic" odour that some consider common when they buy new matting. What you really odour, however, are exhaust fumes from chemical substances that are considered poisonous. Avoid these poisonous chemical substances from contaminating your room by purchasing non-toxic items. Bath and bath drapes are non-toxic on the shelves, 100% of which are 100% synthetic caoutchouc.

Even though it leaves an odour behind, you can be sure that it is not poisonous. A further possibility is the purchase of Thermo Plastics Elastomer (TPE) bath slats. It is a kind of materials used to make synthetic matting that is secure because it does not leak poison. TPEs are also better than vinyls, but naturals are still the best choices.

If you are buying for bath matting and drapes, you can begin to read them. Home owners would not want their kids to take a bath in a bathtub with synthetic bath matting. According to the survey, PVC polymers are widely used in the manufacture of goods, as well as bath matting. Meanwhile, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice carried out a similar survey in which phtalates, also known as plasticizers, were identified as disrupters of the end-ocrine system.

Others that are used in combination with PVC for recycled purposes are only at risk. Some of the many causes why plastics are seen as damaging not only to the human organism, but to the whole world around us. If your synthetic bath mat is already used up, you tend to discard it. This will only cause harm to our enviroment as these materials will not degrade.

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