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When it is not possible to install physical security systems such as non-slip grids or entrance mats, Latham offers other products that can improve security. An anti-slip floor covering, available in foil or tile form, made of plastic and mineral aggregates. Selecting the right non-slip flooring can prevent accidents and ensure general safety in areas where there is a risk of slipping and falling. The inventor of safety floors, Altro. The Altro safety floors significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in demanding environments such as commercial kitchens and wet areas.

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It is a 100% Aussie company that was established in 1991. Making you and the world safeĆ¢- that is the way we think, and our products are safety oriented. After all, they are our customers. We also appreciate the value and importance of serving our customers.

Security flooring products - Altro

Offering superior strength and durable skid resistance, our 2.5mm safety flooring is the perfect fit for heavy-duty areas where additional protective performance is required. Due to its superior chemical and chemical properties, it is a strong favorite in harsh environmental conditions such as educational, manufacturing and health care use. These high performance series offers modern, as well as modern, industial or ornamental possibilities.

Offering durable skid protection, outstanding strength and simple laying, these easy-care safety flooring products are simple to maintain, quick to wash and ideal for high traffic areas. In addition, they provide a wide range of colours as well as chopped and unchopped grades for flexible use. In addition to the traditional product lines, we also provide a truly durable, recycled and re-usable, adhesive-free option:

XpressLay. Ideally suited for many different uses, it is ideally suited for use where genuine substrate needs to be protected or where sustainability requirements must be fulfilled. The Altro XpressLay is also the only safety deck that is 100% recycled or re-usable. The safety flooring is intended for areas where aesthetic appeal, lasting skid and durability are important.

Altro Wood Safety is the perfect solution for imitating the heat of Mother Earth and its spark-free surface makes it perfect for residential use. They are also perfect for areas of common interest such as reception areas, hallways, stores, cafes, stations and lounges where appearance is particularly important. We have also designed floor coverings for challenging surroundings with special demands.

Moist and oily kitchen environments that are subject to common spills are covered by a 3 mm safety base with Altro's highest anti-skid properties. Altro's Altro Aquarius is the perfect choice for areas where humans can work with bare feet or any kind of footwear.

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