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Safety mats are pressure-sensitive machine protection products for the industrial market. Security systems - Forcibly guided relays - UMQ safety mat.jpg - Safety mats, edges, bumpers - MC Combo.jpg. Highly resilient, pressure-sensitive laminate mats require a weight that is applied for the operation of the machine and are active over the entire surface.

PSENmat is a world first: it is a pressure-sensitive switching mat with switching function: Aluminium diamond disc shifting mats.

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Safety matting is a pressure-sensitive protective product for the machinery industry. Switch pads are developed to recognize the absence of persons or passers-by on the mat surfaces around dangerous machinery. The safety matting is versatile, shockproof, puncture resistant, highly resistant and does not corrode. Customer-specific safety matting and large machinery layout are our speciality.

This is the producer and the Safety Mat is made in USA.

Heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive laminate safety mats

Safety pads are designed as safety devices to provide protection for the operator and other personnel in the machinery area. Do not use them as principal fuses unless all other means are not available. This mat can be used to cover many kinds of machinery. The question to be asked when considering its use is: How should the mat be connected to the engine management system or system?

Must a new controller or motor be added? Is it possible to quickly stop the movement of the machinery causing the danger at the site of use? Does the maschine operate hydraulic or pneumatic? Ensure that a pressure-sensitive Safety Mat is properly connected to the press controls and does not affect production before attaching it to a press.

Consideration must be given to the entire machinery system, which includes fuses, machinery controls, circuit breakers, starter motors, rotary parts cover, accessories, workpiece feed and removal, etc. Described on this page, the pressure-sensitive, heavy-duty safety matting is extremely resilient to abrasion, oil, grease, acid and the most commonly used chemical agents. They can be placed in such a way that if someone or an item is on the mat, the engine will not restart.

In addition, the engine stops when the engine is in operation or in sync with someone stepping on the mat. If the mat is placed in this way when someone is stepping on the mat while the engine is running cyclically, precautions must be taken to re-start the engine as soon as the mat is cleaned. 07 Safety standards for robots for detailled directives on mat safety distances.

Article 19 for guidance on the robustness of the mat management system. Due to the one-piece mould design of these safety matting these are not disinfected. Meshes enclose conducting panels that deliver stop/restart signal when pressurization is built up or dissipated. 20? Single-jacketed four-wire cable emerges from the wide end of the mat.

You can also remove the lips if two meshes are connected with one other. Specified mat sizes refer to the current area of the mat. They can be delivered separately or in several different configuration. The Safety Mat Switch Cabinet Part Number RKR-162 must be used together with the mat.

Our heavy-duty pressure-sensitive safety matting has been successfully used to additionally protect hazardous areas in many industries. Hard-wearing, pressure-sensitive safety matting made of long-lasting laminated material. With the exception of the small edge, the full area of the mat is used. The units are suitable for low tension 24 V DC circuit.

Modifications can be made to all Safety Mat models in full scale, i.e. with grooves, cut-outs, brackets or perforations. Different configurated designs in any desired measurements are available. Different colours, widths and forms of matting are available, along with different wire routing choices to suit your needs. In order to receive an offer tailored to your needs, please send a design sheet with all measurements and a listing of your particular needs.

Tailor-made matting fits most areas and even provides cut-outs for machinery levers, poles or other obstacles. Please submit an overview sketch with the full surface area to be covered by the mat and we will make you a suggestion for the necessary mat and accessory parts.

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