Safety Mat Controller

Switching mat control

Switch mat that is easy to install and maintain. - The simple connection allows several mats to be connected to each other. It is connected to the control circuit of the machine and contains two safety relays which support the redundancy of the control. CAD download, product format, product description. The Safety Mat Control is designed for use with STI four-wire Safety Mats that are normally open and require access guarding.

UM, MC3 Safety mat / Safety mat control / Installation

These mats are made of gum and have a ±6 mm margin of tolerance for the above mentioned sizes. You will find the socket dimension and the position of the cables under Safety mat in the catalogue dimension. Notice: 12 bolts (No. 8-32 1.25") and 12 anchor bolts are supplied with Ramp Trim with yellow PVC cover (UMRT4 and UMRT8) and Aluminium Ramp Trim (UMAL).

Notice: For panels and fittings necessary for the Safety Mat system setup, see "Installation" in the catalogue.

Control systems according to standard class ISO 67

With its IP67 degree of enclosure, the PLC is a rugged and extremely robust PLC controller for industrial environments where you need to perform automated tasks without a switchboard. It is possible to programme the PLC system as well as the PLC controls PSSuniversal of the PSS 4000 automatic system with the PSS4000 machine vision system using the PLC 4000 PLCs. In the PSS 4000 automation system, the controller can be used instead of the PLC controller PSSuniversal PLC if you want to leave out the switchboard.

Just incorporate the PLC control PSS67 PLC into the PSS 4000 automatic control system. You can use them for both safety and control features. The PSS67 IO1 16FDI, as part of the automated system, follows the same interchangeable accumulator concept:

3 inputs, 24VDC - 2LCU3|43939-0013 - STI Safety mat control, 3 inputs, 24VDC - 2LCU3|43939-0013

Use the keypad to enlarge to focus attention on the arrows in the picture. As soon as the focal point is reached, you can move and move the picture with the arrows on the keypad. There is no advantage to using the zooming function for blinds. You can use it from top to bottom, from page to page using the cursor.

Enlarge: Click on the picture. Reduce/Reset: Place the photograph at full magnification and then double-click. The alternative items listed below may not be the same in terms of styling or functionality as the genuine one. The Safety Mat Control is intended for use with STI four-wire Safety Mat, which are normally open and require security of ingress.

10.80" high 6.55" wide 2.81" deep Alternative products may not be the same in design or functionality as the originals.

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