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Unsecured cables and wires in offices and production facilities pose a safety risk. You can help your employees to stay safe and comfortable on the construction site. Snags amazing sales on shower mats. Safety pressure sensitive mats for personal and machine protection. First-class gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts and fitness mats.

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Electric Safety Mats are important safety devices that protect you against high tension. Electric Safety Mats must meet approved industrial safety requirements and ensure your safety. Electric switching mats are also known in industrial applications as electric insulating mats and switching cabinet mats. If you work with current in the vicinity of machines or switchgear under voltage with high voltage, electric Safety Mats must be used.

When there is a hazard that you may come into direct contact as a result of high-voltage shock and your safety is at stake, it is important to use the correct Safety Mats. Which is an electric safety mats? This is an electric insulating foam pad intended to provide you and your employees with protection against electric shock.

Not only does it prevent you from electric devices that are energized, it also protects you from all defective electric devices that you work with. What are you protecting electric Safety Mats for? Switch mats offer isolation against ground contacts and ensure that you can work securely with current-carrying electric devices. Use the right electric safety mat: Recognized industry standards:

The Safety Mat shall bear a colour-coded sticker indicating the category of the Safety Mat, references, date of manufacture and operating voltages. Unless the pad is equipped with this, you cannot ensure that it is a real safety pad and that it is not secure to use. Different Safety Mats are available in different colors and finishes.

It is possible to increase security by selecting an anti-slip pad......

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