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Matt safety

Safeguard your team with an efficient combination of safety mats, edges and bumpers as part of a complete safety solution. The definition of the term "Safety Mats" can be found in our stock dictionary. For me, security means a clear conscience. Go home and know that I have done everything I can to ensure the safety of my colleagues and my own. Use overalls, goggles and impervious gloves.

Safety pad PSIENmat with integral switching function

In addition, the pressure-sensitive safety pad PSENmat features positioning recognition and allows new operator control designs. PSENmat creates an unhindered workplace and significantly reduces the accident risks. PSENmat pressure-sensitive safety pads have a wide range of applications because they are so flexible: they can be used when other safety devices reach their limit.

PSENmat is therefore particularly suited for use in highly built-up, complicated areas - even in low vision situations. It is also possible to use the pressure-sensitive Safety Mats for controlling operational sequences on your plants and machines or for monitoring and controlling your product qualities. By connecting the pressure-sensitive Safety Mat in a row, you can considerably cut down the amount of cabling.

Up to 22 pressure-sensitive Safety Mat can be connected, according to requirements.

Switching mats | Safety edges

Orders for all other directly dispatched goods, as well as small package orders from Hubbell-Wiegmann, must be placed by 16:00 ET on the same date. Shift ing pads and safety edge are used to prevent damage to persons and machines. Matting detects the existence of staff on uneven ground, while edge detection can be used on any ground, usually near possible pinching or cutting points.

Matting as well as edge are connected to special safety relay in order to trigger the safety functions correctly. Shift ing pads and safety edge are used to prevent damage to persons and machines. Matting detects the occupancy of persons on flat ground. The ASO Safety Mat provides a large vertical coverage for staff.

Safety is activated when a pedestrian walks on the mats. Borders can be used on any kind of surfaces, mostly close to squeezing or cutting points. The ASO safety switch strips are touch-sensitive units that recognize the existence of possible hazardous points. Safety is activated when a pedestrian or an obstacle touches the ledge.

The safety overload safety is a special type of safety device that wires both the mat and the edge in order to trigger the safety action without error. The ASO safety monitoring module offers a high degree of reliability for mission specific applications and safety. Click here for more information about safety overload switches. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/installer to use these materials and to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure that each and every appliance and use complies with all relevant safety and security standards and/or regulations, whether locally, nationally and/or internationally, which may be imposed by the appliance.

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