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Calculation of the Moving Annual Target (MAT) with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1

Changing Annual Target or Changing Annual Total (MAT) is computed as the current value of the variables, on the basis of the current total of the last 12 moths. Every monthly (or end of month) is an indication of the adjustment of the MAT value to a new monthly and the exclusion of the last monthly from the last 12 monthly.

Due to a commercial request, we created the MAT logical in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP6 (Web Intelligence) on the basis of the user-selected Review Start Date and End Date for a client at the bottom hierarchical rank. Typically, in a given case, a client is asked to choose the client, specify the start date of the review and the end date of the review to analyze the financials for that client.

End date of the verification marked as indicative for the MAT computation for the chosen client. The MAT 07. 2013 can lead to wrong results for a 3 month period of time. For this example, we will compute MAT based on the contract review date. First of all we charge the current sum of the turnover with the date of the contract review in increasing order.

The MAT in the final reporting template may only be shown for the contract review end date and its related date (last year), as emphasized in the following section. RelativeDate () in the above formulas is dependent on the number of years of backward looking information we need for our analyses.

Having obtained our results, it is timely to remove these lines from the reports. Make a tag to number the number of lines in this spreadsheet. We have a number of all lines at this point, but do you need the number for all the lines in this chart?

Limit the counting tag with an extra constraint where the value of [Reference MAT] is greater than zero. We have now successfully constrained the dates for the specified reference date, but you will find that the MAT numbers are wrong.

Go back to the initial computation for [Rolling 12 Months] and modify the variables to be considered: Formats the information according to the needs in a graph or a tabbed view style. For the example above, we have aggregate the calculations of MAT against the temporal domain, but if more than one domain is added to the spreadsheet, the MAT computation must be reconfigured to contextualize those domains.

Let's take the same example and divide the dates into products and time scales. Add a checkmark flap to the reporting format and specify the dimensions[Contract Review Date],[Product]. Then, compute the MAT in the reporting (similar to the previously specified). The MAT in the layout of the Final Reports is only necessary for the end date of the contract review and its relative date (last year).

In order to obtain the necessary information, we limit the computation on the basis of a requirement. Use the above calculations to get the results where the date criterions in the reporting match. Formats the reporting according to your needs.

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