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Individual school floor mats are the best way to promote your image. Select from a wide range of school mats from our school mat range. No more effective way to show the pride of the school than beautifully designed welcome mats with the school logo. Are you looking for a School Welcome Mat, a Doormat or an Entrance Mat? You have come to the right place.

Educational floor mats are available at affordable prices in the UK.

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Our range includes the ideal choice of mattresses for school and university entrances. You will find interior mats, exterior mats, sunken mats, log mats, carpet mats, aluminium hinged roll-up mats, doormats, runner mats and entry mats for school. For help locating the best mattress for your school or collegiate, call us.

Our help will help you select a mats or system of mats that will help keep your entrance ways secure, attractive and efficient to trap dust, dirt, salt and humidity before they reach your dorms and building. Are you considering a logotype mats? Allow us to make available a free model of your designs so you can see what your logomat will look like.

No matter what your foyer or school foot mats are, you are sure to find a suitable one.

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There is a wide selection of ground mats available to suit many areas of school grounds. Whether it's a breathtaking complement to a lobby or foyer, or an individual graphical mat for a classroom in a elementary school, our offer of customised logos, image or photographic mats is of the highest standard of workmanship and is fast and simple to order.

Our mats make school grounds in the UK safe, clean and appealing, from individual log mats to fitness and safe swim mats. We offer mats for professionals in the fitness studio, ideal for schools or sport institutes. The mats are perfectly suited for aerobic, acrobatic, combat or general exercises, absorbing shock, reducing sound and increasing security during sport indoors.

Schulmatten | Logo, floor and entrance mats for public school use

Often many colleges ask students to create a school image to walk on the mats, which gives them a nice individual note. For all special productions free art work is delivered and there are no extra costs for changes to the graphics. Deliveries take between 5 - 10 workingdays from the time the print templates are approved.

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