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Scratch entrance mats, keep dirt and dirt at your door! Ultralux scraper entrance mats are an excellent solution for keeping residential, commercial and industrial entrances clean and safe. Structured shoe scraper door mat in the charcoal collection. Purchase the door scraper entrance mats for those areas where dirt and debris can be collected from the outside. It has a cross-ribbed, open grid surface that allows you to remove dirt and debris from shoes and the open holes catch all debris.

"Türschaber" Commercial entrance mats

Beschreibung: This is the ultimative floor pad that serves as a mezzotint for industrial entrances. Elevated "finger-like" profiles scratch off grime, ice and deposits while enhancing security through increased grip. Due to the fact that the pad has elevated edges, it contains dust and damp. Scraper keeps most of the dust on the doors and minimises internal cleaners.

Size: 24 inches x 32 inches, 15 pounds. Twenty-two inches x 39 inches, 25 pounds. Sixty-six inches x 72 inches, 50 pounds. Top Fingers: The "finger-like" finish of this pad makes it an excellent wiper for busy industrial entrances. Keeping your interior floor tidy, place two mats on each side of the front door (e.g. inside and outside).

The most important thing is that the "finger-like" finish maximises security and grip by minimising the chance of slipping due to damp. Cleansing: The elastic gum coating is resistant to conventional fluids and the rotor can be washed with any commercially available detergent or domestic cleaner, or externally with a hose or wipe. Naturally & Recyclable Rubber: This floor mat has a blend of environment friendliness, recyclability and naturally occurring gum, which makes this floor mat attractive as a sustainability grade as well.

Availibility: The scraper mats are usually in stock and will be shipped within 24h. With three different size ranges and a wide range of edging colours, the " doorstep scraper " is the perfect product for outside use. Like the name already says, these gum mats serve to scrap off dust and sludge from arriving sneakers.

Putting their finger across the top of each security blanket, the elastic finger grips the corners and edges of the shoe to thoroughly remove dirt. Even better, these are environmentally sound recyclable flooring that offers both affordable and durable in an attractive bundle. Purchase this outdoor mats today to keep things beautiful and tidy around your house!

A major advantage of these mats is their visual appeal. There are three different size entry mats to suit the different size entry areas of different building. Manufactured from recycle rubber: This outer mats is made from both virgin and recycle rubbers. It' the recycling gum that gives this switching pad a special touch.

The mats are environmentally safe because their recyclable rubbers help cut both environmental impact and overall CO2 emissions. Not only for the altruistic, these reclaimed floorings are also more accessible than other new or synthesized rubbers, and at the same time are more sustainable.

Useful scraper: Fortunately, these entry mats serve as protection against filthy sneakers. Soil, sludge or general deposits are scratched off from the bottom of arriving footwear and remain on the surface of these mats until they are removed.

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