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Shawm; Mohawk; Beaulieu; Marquis; South wind;

Mathews and Parlo. Shaw Live Wire Tile Dynamo Carpet Tile Philadelphia carpet tile. Contract Shaw manufacturer and distributor of carpet tiles, carpets, rugs and commercial vinyl floors for Australia and New Zealand. The Ecoworx and Cradle to Cradle innovation in carpet tiles. Shaw Contract believes that the ground under your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play.

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The Pacific range, created for Australia and New Zealand, offers value and elegance. Pacific's range is Cradle to Cradle CM Silver and uses high quality Eco Solution Q® fibres. EcoWorx®, which is the highest quality tile EcoWorx® tile with the highest levels of Global Ecological Council of A (GECA) and Green Star "Level A" certifications from the Green Building Council of Australia.

The EcoWorx® carpet tile is 100% PVC and 100% free of asphalt, and comes with an environment warranty for recovery and recycle.

SHAW Contract + Shape us with passion - A new concept for carpet tiles

We started our trip by thinking about the tile as an entity and not as a superficial one. It opened up the possibility of researching what a carpet tile could be, beyond variation of patterns and colours. Rather than creating a single item, we asked ourselves if we could create a kit so that others could create their own tool.

Who' s the Shaw contract? Shaw Contract believes that the floor under your foot should have a beneficial effect on how you choose to build, study, work, cure and game. Our aim is to achieve excellency in everything we do. Our dedication to designing is what makes us stand out from the crowd, from concept to manufacturing to installation.

Our floor coverings offer a targeted mix of designer features, materials, sustainability und service. Daily we face our own challenge in researching, designing and manufacturing floor coverings that meet the current needs and possible future prospects of the rooms we live in. And who educates us with love? Shape Us With Love is an internationally active designer studios located in Stockholm and established in 2005.

Ever since it was founded, the studios have been burning with a love of good looks and its own creative power. Format Us With Love's work is divided into three areas: Consulting - a commitment to product, assortment, collaboration and space for customers around the globe, discipline and integrated brand building approach, citizen participation on the basis of transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience, active in the wider spectrum of designs.

There are four forms, each of which is a 24 " tile: the squares, the curves, the points and the diagonals. Designed a range of twelve colours based on architectonic material, we added bright and deep variation for additional dimensions. Different forms, colours and shadings can be blended to create different spacial effects: from clear pathfinding and zoneing to subtle changes in energies and moods, from areas for creativity to places for calmer times of focus.

A range of twelve colors has been created, based on material used in the urban surroundings and the countryside of Sweden, with bright and deep varieties of each colour for additional dimensions.

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