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A mat should do four things: Door mats and sales entrance mats | Mats Countrywide Our range of products covers a wide variety of businesses, from large blue-chip chain businesses such as Pandora, Kawasaki, Toni & Guy, Lush, Oak Furniture Land, Hamley's Toys and Asda Store, to smaller stand-alone businesses such as hairdressing parlours, butcher' s, vegetable merchants, bakeries, chemical companies, kiosks, real property brokers and smaller super market chain businesses. Stores see a high frequency of visitors through their doorways every day, so it's important that proper entrance mats are in place to combat the hard grime, belt and humidity that came in, to help keep flooring safe and minimize the chance of slips and trips. Like PVC, this special elastomer does not tear, splinter or flex and securely fixes each mat to the ground to prevent the mat from penetrating and moving.

Not only do our professionally designed floor matting protects the floor of your workshop, it also creates a welcoming, cosy appearance. A short tutorial can be found below for our best-selling entrance matting for your point of sale. At the beginning of our partnership and 12 month further down in the calender, Mat's Nationwide pledged "we were never abandoned".

Kawasaki Motors UK | Buckinghamshire. "and I never have any problems. "We' ve just opened the mat and they look amazing! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent services you have provided and we look forward to working with you in the future".

"Satisfied with the workmanship. Beautiful mat, exactly what we were looking for, outstanding customer care, fast delivery". Buxton Head of Retail & Branding Fairfax & Favor Norfolk. "Perfect workmanship as always. "Not enough to thank you for, the mat itself is amazing and has turned our entrance.

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Rates, promotional offers, style and availabilities may differ. We do not keep our shops in line with our on-line rates. Price and availabilty of our product and service are changeable without prior notification. Mistakes will be rectified when they are detected and Lowe's retains the right to withdraw any quote quoted and rectify mistakes, imperfections or deletions even after an order has been placed.

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