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Entry, anti-fatigue, wet area and various workplace mats. Designed for extremely busy buildings such as shopping centres and airports. The Waterhog Premier ECO entrance mats are durable commercial entrance mats with a rubber surface and rubber edges designed to remove dirt. Doormats for companies, hospitals, gyms and more. Take a look at our selection of stylish and practical vinyl floor mats, a beautiful addition to your interior design.

Einkaufszentrumsmatten - Non-slip Safety Mats for Shoppingmalls

Matting for malls plays an important part in the care of floor coverings. It also helps to meet the OHS needs of malls. Allway Matting has over 20 years of working with real estate professionals in retailing and malls. Allway Matting has more to offer than just mall mats.

Logomats, anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats and tactile mats are available to help keep your clients safely in the mall. Logomats can also be used to advertise your shop or to upgrade an entrance. As for mats for malls, the facts are that everyone is too preoccupied to stop and clean their footsteps for a second.

Ensure that the entrance mats are of adequate length. A single occupant should take 4-8 paces on the high-quality entrance carpet before he or she enters the shed. Doormats do not stop the entrance from slipping, they help to keep it from happening. Falling into a crowded area or place can be very degrading, but can also cause serious injuries.

Buyers demand more than $100 million a year in payments for bodily injuries from grocery stores after they leave their shelves. Assault attorneys say the number of wounded buyers taking actions is increasing, with casualties from broken carts, bulk grain ricegran and rye grape dropping the demands. Several of the top bodily injuries offices deal with about 10 cases of wounded NSW grocery store buyers each months.

And who is in charge of paying for a slipping or falling injury? In the event that you slide or stumble and hurt yourself on someone else's land and believe that the incident was due to the negligence of the real estate itself, the landlord or agents may be obliged to reimburse you. What can Allway Matting do to help?

Entrance mat system made of aluminium | CS PEDILUXE®®.

The CS Pediluxe is the most flexible of all aluminum entrance mattresses. With a depth of 17 mm, it will fit directly into most mattresses, allowing fast and simple installations. The CS Pediluxe Gold is the brassy model with a breathtaking look and feel. There is a wide selection of different inserts to meet your needs for styling, power and track surfaces:

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