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Non-slip mats & aids. There is a wide variety of styles and colours of chair and floor mats to match virtually any design and decor. The Double D Family Mat Shop, Inc. Buy from our current Home & Garden assortment. Long-lasting and environmentally friendly yoga mats.


Developed to make sitting more convenient by offering an anti-fatigue pad and supporting your foot, knee, hips and back, our high desks underlay are ideal for those who want to stand more comfortably. When you' re looking for a stand-up table pad that also helps you move, our ActiveMat Series is just the thing for you to expand and move the muscle in your foot and leg while you work.

Our fatigue-free stand-up platforms are all equipped with a stable, high-density centre, non-slip floor and bevelled, curl-free corners.

Indoors carpets & mats in many shapes & sizes

There are many heroic feats that will certainly be the jealousy of your neighbors and family. Our designs are Azztec, as well as streaks, spots and flower designs. We also have many discreet fashions for a more subtile look. Select our plain carpets or, or perhaps savour a subdued gray and tan carpet.

Dependent on the room dimensions you want to design, we have a form and dimensions for you. There are all kinds of squares and rectangles and for something else we also have slanted round carpets. Buy all our household goods collections today on-line to dress up your home so it reflects you and your lifestyle!

Jam Lion | pram lining, bed covers, playmats

Lion Marmalade products are manufactured with our one-of-a-kind Expect-ASpill at 11 Technologies to guard against life's little hiccup and spitup problems. Simply put it in the washer to make it easier to wash. Make your own register now and help your boyfriends and your loved ones find the right present for your birthday celebration or birthday celebration!

Crochet plastic bags in homeless sleep mats.

For those who sleep hard, try to crochet pockets in sleep mats. Plastics are one of the biggest sources of the waste that pollutes the earth's ocean and occupies the confined landfill area. That' not new information, but Australians still have around four billion recycled plastics per year.

Equivalent to this, 429,000 pouches per hour are disposed of in landfill sites or discarded at a rate of 7,150 per hour. The decision to use leafy sailcloth pouches for your purchases is an efficient one, but many still have surplus plastics pouches above the place. Instead of discarding them, you can re-use them by making them into multi-purpose mats (known as "plarn" - synthetic yarn).

Especially plann arn can be used as a sleep mat for persons without having acces to accommodation. They are more hygenic, waterproof, easy to transport and offer good insulation against dampness. A number of Australian voluntary organisations have taken this idea onboard and are enthusiastically accepting contributions of synthetic mats to be distributed to the houseless.

Movement Crew is a volunteer-led effort that provides needs to less lucky individuals and has delivery points in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast and Perth. Branket Melbourne is a relatively new venture that has distributed hot and tidy ceilings to road users and has already achieved its objective of giving everyone a ceiling for the cold season.

Melbourne Period Project in Melbourne and Essentials for Women in Perth have also reached an agreement to take over synthetic mats, but are mainly concerned with the provision of sanitation products and other needs for harsh life-men. Making Plarn: Recycling your waste plastics at your nearest food retailer will help make sure nothing is squandered.

When you have differently sized pouches, adjust the strip sizes to fit each pouch and trim smaller stripes for larger pouches.

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