Sign Carpet Logo Mats

Shield Carpet Logo Mats

The Premium Carpet Logo Mats are the highest quality logo floor mats in the industry. The Supreme Carpet Logo mats are the highest quality carpet mats in the industry. The designs are woven directly into the surface. Create a lasting impression with your logo on a nylon carpet logo mat. High-resolution, individual carpet logo mat.

Carpet Logo Mat Supreme

The Supreme Carpet Logo Mats are the highest performing Carpet Logo Mats in the world. Made using computer-controlled MasterWeave tufting technique and Perma-Dye dyeing technique, this high performance carpet logo pad guarantees long-lasting bright colours with the densest thick type yarns and High Definition (HD) of similar qualities. The MasterWeave? Tufting technique uses precise pins to fabricate patterns directly into the top face of the mesh for a "sewn-in" flat top face.

Peru-Dye? dyeing provides plenty of impregnated thread for colour fastness. Statically conductive polyamide thread with StainStopper Twine StainStopper and StainStopper?-Technologie. More than 23' 6" long mats may be priced 25% higher. Round mats are priced 35% higher. PLEASE NOTE: A logoof your logoomat, produced by our arts division, will be sent to you by e-mail for definitive permission before your artwork begins work.

Logo- Mats & Individual Carpet Mats

Logo mats include a patented computer-aided injectable dyeing technique that produces unparalleled levels of strength and/or design over time. It can mix any full colour and generate message and logo design and all types of special mats. Plain mats are available. The logo colours and backgrounds must be specified from the above colour palette.

Special dimensions are possible. Please indicate on the templates provided for multicoloured logo. Reduced prices available for 2 or more mats.

Facts about the entrance mat

SignsPlus can help you from the entrance to the industrial mat to minimise adhesion, improve security and look damn good! What is the importance of mats for a company? You might wonder how important mats should be for a company. Taking into account the above facts and calculating the amount of cash a particular institution will spend on chemical removal, machine removal, maintenance of brushes, warning labels and WORKERS to remove dirt from the premises, the need for the most efficient matte finish is vital to protect the investments in the above material.

What would a logo carpet look great in your company?

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