Single Carpet Squares

Individual Carpets Squares

Of course, we also offer TacTiles for both carpet tiles and our new LVT. When conventional carpets are stained or damaged, repairing them can be difficult and expensive. In the case of carpet tiles, it is only a matter of replacing a single tile. Rather than aligning all your tiles in one direction, alternate all the other tiles to point in another direction. Your carpet tiles will therefore look unique.

It all depends on how you look at it...Square carpet tile laying techniques - ISCG

More and more carpet tiles are available in different forms and heights. Inside these offers, very different looks can be obtained within a single sample of quadratic carpet tiles by simple variation of the laying technique. Since I discuss these choices with customers often, I thought it might be useful to visualize them.

Every carpet tiles has an arrow on the back indicating the standard face of the tiles. Graphical pictures to the right of the following pictures show the alignment of these arrowheads for a particular installer. In the past, quarter rotation was the most frequent way of installing. In the 1960s, when carpet tiles first entered the market for industrial floor coverings, this was the only suggested laying technique.

The monolithic has become an ever more widespread way of installing. It aligns the design in one way, resulting in a look similar to that of a carpet. The brick assembly is exactly what it sound like. Like a bricklayer, the tiles are laid on the outside of a house.

In the following line, they are staggered by half the width of the horizontal one. Quaderstein retains a single line of a straight line but moves the stones between the series. They should all point in the same directions, with the joint of the floor covering being shifted half a square inch lengthwise.

Accidental laying is similar to turning a stone a quarter, although the orientation of the floor is accidental. There are many things that can add to the overall picture that can be created within a single design of quadratic carpet flooring. Besides the laying technique, the level of contrasts within the colour of a carpet slab can also influence its optical properties.

When selecting the best laying methods for their particular room, we recommend that our customers consider at least 4 to 6 tile types together. A number of sites allow you to examine different samples and their installers.

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