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It' s better to find the right car floor mat for your car. These are the disgusting floor mats from my car: Take a look at our large selection of small car floor mats. In this phase only small amounts of waste are produced. Large floor mats are designed for the front of the car, while small floor mats are created for the rear.

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Auto mats and rugs are a great way to bring styling and individuality to your car, along with many other convenient functions. This carpet is available in a number of different frame styles to accommodate a variety of vehicle types, for example small caravans, delivery trucks and motor homes. What do you need mats for?

Placing a rug in your car can bring an immediate hint of luxuriousness to its interiors and update weary looking rugs that are tattered and flimsy. It helps to avoid that the remainder of the car's floors or rugs wear down while your guests are rubbing their feets over them. Once you have installed mats in your car, also keep the inside rugs protected from soiling, sludge, moisture and any spillage of foods or beverages.

Also, if they absorb debris or impurities, you can simply take them off for washing before you put them back in again. Teppichbodenmatten look good and are to be cleaned simply with a hoover, but Gummimatten offer a higher security against strong marks, splashes, dirt oder tear.

  • If you are traveling with your pet in the trunk or if you want to keep this area clean and dirty, choose a trunk lining specially developed for this use. Universally applicable car mats are suitable for most car models. Are you looking for car floor mats and rugs or other car equipment?

Rollable car floor mat - Der Therapieshop

Often have you asked your kid to keep his toys at home for afraid to lose them while on the move? Roll Up car mats are easily packable and carryable. Created directly here in Australia, the mats have a funny Australian theme with many recognizable goals to which they can take their vehicles, inclusive of the ride from the grocery store, college, car washes, grocery store or even the nearby football and crime match - it has everything, and the vehicles depicted in the illustration ride on the right side of the street....

A lot of people use the carpets in lounges, eateries and even on holiday they are great to take away. You can also be in the headmaster's offices and in the "quiet corners" of preschools and nurseries so that kids who are over-excited in the area can take a rest.

Small roll-up mats (rolled out) measure approx. 60 x 42 cm, large ones 90 x 65 cm.

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