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Temple & Webster shop for small carpets for every style and every budget. Categories - Collections; ALL carpets, SMALL carpets. Minor colour accents add warmth to confined spaces. ABOUT COLOURED, HANDMADE BURSA VINTAGE CARPETS FROM TURKEY, WHICH CAN BE TESTED FREE OF CHARGE AT HOME IN DUBAI.

This is a small carpet in case you simply did not have enough material to make a larger carpet.

Little carpets - Experience the extraordinary collection on the Carpet Court!

Choosing a carpet for a room can be a challenging job, considering so many colors, fashions, fibers and heights. The Carpet Court offers a fabulous selection of small carpets from round models, ideal for children's rooms to running, which are the ideal solutions for every area. Have a look at our small carpet collections below and find out more about their advantages and where you can best integrate them into your home.

Which advantages does a small carpet have? Part of the major reason why we place carpets in certain areas of the home is the definition of the room, be it large or small. A carpet's right dimension is defined by the measurements of the room it covers and the pieces of furnishings it contains.

This way, small carpets are just as brave and attractive as large carpets - they only do their work in the smaller rooms of your house. Which dimensions do small carpets have? Carpet Court has a wide range of carpets in different heights, forms, colors and finishes to enrich every small area of your home.

A little sleeping-room? We have many nice woollen carpets to wear, for example in the Skandi area with the smallest carpets of 2,25m x 1,55m. You may be small, but you make a big difference! When you want to make an imprint in a small area of your home, our wonderful Evoke carpet line offers ultra sweet round carpets with a size of 1.5m x 1.5m.

The Atrium Jute carpets, measuring only 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 m, provide a dash of color. They lend a touch of cheek and elegance without completely dominate a small room. What can small carpets be used for? Often a small carpet is the right option for your home cooking, living room or individual room and can be the ideal companion to an informal dinner for two.

Except if you like to vacuum dust, place small rugs at the doorways to your home, a smart way is to keep your rugs or swimming surfaces safe from the grime and deposits created by pedestrian traffic. After all, the most important thing is to keep your rugs clean and clean. Don't embellish the strength of a small carpet to make a big spill! Carpet Court rugs are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit every color of the bow.

Ranging from smooth and luxury virgin wools to trendy and cheeky jute rugs, you will find small rugs in the same wide colour and texture palette as our rugs. Our Alfresco carpet palette also defines small exterior areas with breathtaking texts and colors in a choice of naturally occurring earth colors suitable for Australia's nature.

In our Botanical Collections you will find the beautiful colors of the only 2.25 x 1.55 meter large carpets and many others for your interiors that beautify every small room. Could you get some small carpets for the nursery?

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