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L. Gobind Pershad from Delhi, India.

The Schwab welcome mat for smaller consultants.

Smaller RIA companies may appear to have limitations, as the bigger, more demanding depositaries may be out of range until these companies can amass more asset to satisfy the AUM minima of these bigger depositaries. Jalina Kerr of Schwab Advisor Services, however, asks that this be different when it comes to smaller companies using Schwab as their depository bank.

Kerr, Charles Schwab's VP of Integrated Solution & Core Custody services, said her management board "focuses on CX," the consultant's client expertise when it comes to these smaller companies. Emphasis is placed on the intelligent use of technologies to provide value-added support to these companies, along with guidelines on how companies can implement technological approaches to increase the size and effectiveness of their businesses, and how best to collaborate with the Core Custody support staff through the Center of Excellence.

"Kerr said these companies are "very concerned" about this issue, also because they are usually more digitized and less paper-based than bigger companies. Schwab's web-based and video-supporting capabilities are particularly attractive to these smaller companies because they can't always afford travelling to personal workshop or conference, as much as bigger companies, she said.

So why should Schwab concentrate on these smaller companies and deploy 70 "experienced" employees to provide them with targeted service? "Kerr said that the basis is lucrative and generates more income than bigger companies as a percent of total clients' invested capital. As Schwab's RIA benchmarks from 2018 show, these companies are also expanding slightly more rapidly than even the biggest companies, with 11.

In the 2018 bench-marking survey, the biggest risk-weighted asset classes (RIAs) - with more than 1 billion dollars in AUM - rose to 11. Benchmarks showed that revenues of smaller companies rose in the same five years with a 9.5% increase in the overall CLR rate, versus 11% in the previous year. 1 percent for the $1B-plus company, and that mean asset values per customer rose from $690,000 in 2013 to $900,000 in 2017.

Smaller companies also showed strong returns, reporting a 23 percent average. Another bench-marking point shows the potential for smaller companies to grow (and addresses Schwab's deposit ory business): they are winning new customers more quickly than bigger companies. Under $100M in AUM companies showed a mediaian of 5.

8 percent rise in new client wealth in 2017, the biggest of all cohorts in the benchmarks report (companies with 750 million to 1 billion dollars in AUM came in second place, at 5.2 percent, in new client wealth growth). In spite of their economic stagnation and good finances, these companies need help, as the results of the benchmarks show, which show that 51% of them plan to hire additional technical assistance and administration personnel this year (the poll was conducted from January to March 2018).

Smaller companies are usually not "lifestyle" practices: Mr Kerr points out that 90% of the companies questioned stated that they wanted to keep growing. However, since they are usually one- to two-member companies, "they are overburdened," Kerr said, and needed more outside assistance from "human and technological capital" than bigger companies that are likely to have bigger and more specialised in-house capabilities.

These smaller companies are "faster users" of the technologies that Schwab can provide them with, although it is part of the Kerr Charter to notify these companies that they have more Schwab capabilities, even technologies, than they would otherwise believe. Kerr, who works with smaller RIA companies on the "Test and Learn" paradigm to "create a better feed-back loop" from which all companies with better business capabilities can profit, said that the Center of Excellence's field representatives bring together field representatives, technical staff, and account executives in a common team.

Among the company's offerings is supporting companies in areas such as online merchandising and management consultancy through a "one to many" concept that uses web-based educational and supportive activities and videos.

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