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You can read our article about Made to Order Area carpets from Dalyn Rug Company. Check out all our custom carpet options below and then visit a store to place your order. Individual area carpets that are tailored to your size and shape. Custom or made-to-measure carpets are produced according to the size chosen. AREAL RUG UNDERLAY S&B BACKINGS.

Special productions and special productions

Designed specifically to beautify your surroundings and reflect your own tastes, a bespoke rug or rug not only offers a unique work of artwork, but also signifies your esteem and devotion to excellence and aesthetics. It is our belief that hand-knotted rugs, which are outstanding in both appearance and longevity, offer the best value for money for unique rugs.

Motifs from your furniture or even a children's piece of art can be the source of inspirations for a rug project. Use one of our current styles as a base for your rug and add your own individual touch. Together we will work with you to give you as much or as little support as you need to make the right rug for your room.

Costs: $58 per sq. ft for rugs; $200 per straight ft for rugs; in some cases there may be an extra fee for works of art that we can notify you of once we know the particulars of your order. Once we have defined the dimensions and specifications of your order, we will make you an offer.

For the start of the procedure, which begins with a reproduction of the draft in electronic form for your permission, a 50% down payment of the offer amount is necessary. Regular updates on our work will be provided, along with photographs of the rug on the Loom if possible. As a rule, this procedure lasts about six month; you will receive a time line when you order that is specifically for your rug.

As the rug is made to customer specification, all purchases are definitive; however, if the completed rug is not as specified in the agreement, another rug will be weaved. Our rugs are all made in our GoodWeave accredited weave shops, which are managed by personal knowledgeable coaches. A Rose Hall English running woman, inspired by an inspired interior designer from Arts & Crafts, Karen Hovde.

There were 4 carpets in this case, whereby the running carpet only consisted of one part. There are two greens with a smoked colour from our historical colour range. This is an outstanding example of how the same Art & Crafts carpet designs can work well in two totally different rooms.

Thoroughly selected colours and a classical Voysey pattern mean this hand-knotted carpeting will work in both a modern lounge and a more traditionally handcrafted room. Initially made for the Chicago Athletic Club in the early 1900s by Donegal Carpets in Ireland, this was the first Chicago Athletic Club flooring. Sells at the Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Show 2012 in St. Paul, a tailor-made floor from our long-standing Donegal Legacy Collection.

It is an orginal sketch by Carpets of Killybegs, Ireland around 1895. And Glen Mona in a rug and a mule. Made by Archibald Knox, manufactured in an individual colour scheme. Individual rug made of virgin wool for a NYC-decoration.

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