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The special mats cover a wide range of applications, from those requiring stiffer materials to gear cutting options. Custom car mats that fit your budget and give you that certain something of personality. Orders receive free shipping & daily discounts on special floor mats. Doormats can be cleaned and rented. If you think of gym mats first, you can simply think of your yoga and fitness mats.

Special floor mats

Our Special Floor MatsIf you are taking good care of your vehicle's carpeted floor and interiors, floor mats are just about a must. Top of the range floor mats protect carpets against debris, abrasion, winter influences and normal use. Indeed, they are among the most convenient automotive parts a motorist can buy.

Our range of personalised floor mats, special floor coverings and floor mats with individual logos will help you find exactly the right floor mats for your personal taste and your own personalities! No matter which materials and designs you select, our special mats give your planks functionality and atmosphere. These mats simply have a classical look that is ageless and looks fantastic in any automobile.

Manufactured from coconut shell fibre armour, you get a robust but classy floor mats. Coconut mats in Red & White provide a more sporty look, Blue, Black and White provide a more luxury look, Blacks & Grey provide an elegant contemporary look, and the Cotton simply add a classical look to a Europe -wide stroller that you can't match with other mats.

The combination of the sober look of aluminium diamonds with the versatility of a high grade floor mats, our AutoSport diamonds are as durable as they look. Exactly fitting, these car floor mats have a clear varnish layer on the top to withstand scratching, dirt, mess and spillage.

Special mats | Special mats & floor coverings

Default settings are not always the best. Several ways are available to help keep your floor clean, protected from dust and debris, and secure when normal decisions simply don't work. Durable has a wide range of special floor covering products available for uniquely designed, application and environment to keep your floor overcast.

Special mats cater for a broad spectrum of uses, from those requiring stiffer material to gearing possibilities. Durable's special floor covering solution can help you find a matt finish that meets your needs when normal anti-fatigue mats or security coverings do not work. One of these are: - the following options: Floor mats are not the only floor coverings available that can help reduce the risks of slipping and other ailments.

Antislip belts stick lightly to the ground and give additional grip in areas where moisture, fat or other unslippery materials can collect. They are also available in a highly visible colour of orange to give optical support in conjunction with a non-slip finish. Antislip inks are another way to increase security. With Dura Kote Colour, you can fully conceal large interior and exterior areas with a cumbersome colour that provides a robust, work-safe finish in areas that demand a secure grip.

When you have a question about which type of covering is best for your room, call us at 1,800,537,1603 or get in touch with us today to order special covering options on-line.

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