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The mats are ideal for gymnastics classes, PT sessions or gymnastics classes. The only hanger you have is your mat. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant workout with this high density foam exercise mat. Training mat with eyelets, water and sweat resistant, with a special antibacterial protection against the multiplication of fungi and germs. Purchase yoga mats in India's best online store.

Discover a new range of rubber mats or yoga mats from top brands.

Gym mat | Sport & Fitness

Second-hand 10m gym mat in turquoise colour. Purchased 2016 used for 600 dollars. Big 40cm thick gym mat in black for selling! Buy costly new matting when you are paying a small fraction as much for these large one! Mesh sizes in centimeters 1st H40 W240 D165 (slight crack) = $400 2nd H40 W300 D175 (small crack) = $500 3rd H40 W360 D175 (small crack) = $700 4th H40 W360 D175 (slight crack) = $600 Just picked up.

Gray matting as a base for gym matting. Purchased from masters. Purchased for $800 cash and mat hardly used. Officer purchased for $200 and will be selling the ticket together $400. Gym jumping mat ("teddy bear mat"), purchased by Tumble Trak in the USA. Gym anti-slip mat ("Smart Mat Sheet"), purchased by Tumble Trak in the USA.

It is placed between the mat and the floor or between two mat and prevents the mat from slipping. Rubberized non-slip fabric is stitched to both the top and bottom of the mat.

Bodysports® Personal Training Mat

With this high dense bubble mat a comfort training is guaranteed. Personal Training Mat has a grooved side for handle and traction and a flat surface for control of gliding movement. This lightweight and easily rollable training mat has an loop pattern for simple shelf-stowage. The personal training mat comes with a practical carrying belt for on the go.

Plain and grooved finish. Looped construction for simple shelf racking. With 1 serrated side and 1 plain side. The mat can be rolled up easily and is easily stowed and transported. Highly compressed foams for longevity and convenience. Frame available seperately.

sports mat

Sportmat floors are a highly tractive, long-lasting, recyclable resilient floor covering, available in a precision-cut, mesh size or with a squared adhesive bead. Skating rinks, skiing areas, athletic professionals and gyms choose this size to make sure that dampness, humidities and variations in temperatures do not compromise the dimensions of the flooring.

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