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When it comes to durability and simple vacuuming, STAINMASTER PetProtect carpet is unsurpassed. Find out more about everything that makes a carpet ideal for your home and lifestyle. Stainmaster is more than just a protective cover that rests invisibly on the carpet. Absolutely the ultimate ingredient in the best quality broadband carpets is the Premier Stainmaster carpet fiber. The only Stainmaster certified Flooring Center retailer in San Diego to offer the best selection of Stainmaster carpets.

SANMASTER® carpet families

For over 30 years STAINMASTER carpets have been part of households in Australia and are produced by some of the best carpet manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. Solarmax® STAINMASTER carpets offer excellent fading protection and built-in fading protection for foods and beverages. SANMASTER® carpets are available in carpet shops throughout Australia, with Sydney, Melbourne and local centers.

Contact your dealer or rummage through our sample carpets to find a STAINMASTER® carpet that suits your home. Accept a carpet that has been conceived in such a way that it does not fade in the light.

rug styles

It is a multifaceted styling that looks great in all types of houses, from classic Tudor houses to eco-friendly chalets and everything in between. Convenient and relaxed, this stylish design gives a little more pleasure to contemporary and ecological houses and looks great in front of a burning fire. It' not your mother' s sixties shake, but this update is still perfectly suited for a contemporary mid-century room.

As the most formally designed of all rugs, this carpet has a sleek, luxury look that works best in conventional houses. This is our most distinctive carpet ever, available in a broad palette of flower and graphical designs incorporated into the fibres. This carpet can be used in all types of rooms from classic to contemporary.

Damn, you can even put a contemporary design in a more traditionally styled room to create an immediate ecological feeling. The carpet gives a relaxed atmosphere and clear contours that work perfectly in minimally invasive contemporary environments.

guaranteed carpet

In order to keep your guarantee valid, you must carry out at least one regular scheduled steaming cycle every 18 month from the date of your order. *IVISTA specifies the service of the carpet as the service of the carpet beginning with the date of sale. The proration may be valid for some lifelong restricted guarantees. Please refer to the Restricted Guarantee booklet available from retailers or call 1-800-438-7668 for detailed information.

**Limitations to life guarantees differ by dealer.

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