Standard Floor Mat Sizes

Default floor mat sizes

With our range of standard floor mats we offer a soft cushion over any surface. Note that the standard equipment has most, if not all, of the furniture legs on the carpet. Ground is a big canvas and a carpet is the picture. This dot pattern matches our range of shoe shells and doormats. The standard aluminium mat frames are supplied in a natural anodised finish.

Carpets 101 - the right dimension for your room

Residential open spaces: To create a medium-sized open room, try a 200 x 300 cm carpet with the front paws of the pieces of cabinetry placed on it. Divided rooms: Big separated lounge areas can be handled similarly as above; choose a big carpet and place all four leg units of the piece of equipment on it (leave about 20 cm distance between the carpet and the walls), or choose a middle carpet and place only the front leg units of the piece of equipment on it.

Probably a small separated lounge is the only place that can accommodate a small carpet - in this case put the carpet in front of the couch. While carpets can be a problem in the kitchen because you have to shuffle them out on a regular basis, they can also be aesthetic and give all these otherwise tough finishes heat and feel.

It can also be useful when it comes to keeping your barbs' foot protected from cool surfaces and your slabs from falling down and getting rid of heavy slabs. Clearly naked flooring is simpler to wash than carpets. Remember that replacing and cleaning artificial carpets is less expensive than using fibre (you can also treat them for added).

From a technical point of view, the carpet should be 80 cm taller than your desk on all sides, which is so you can push in and out your chair without getting caught on the carpet (or scraping). Carpets are a good way to beautify a corridor and are highly useful in reducing sound levels.

While you can have carpets in individual sizes, a more inexpensive option is to buy two inexpensive carpets and have them stitched together - look online for a locale carpets overlapper. Master bedroom: In a master room, you should preferably have a carpeting large enough to sit under your whole bedside and stand out at least a meter or so on all sides (to keep your legs).

Carpets this size are costly though - so a cheap alternative is to go with a mid-sized carpet (about 200 x 300 cm) and push it horizontal under the bedside (from the bottom of the bedside) just before you get to your bedside tables.

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