Standard Mat Sizes

Default mat sizes

When the art is busy or contemporary, a wider mat often looks better. Mat width can also be determined by which picture frames are available in standard size. Default mat sizes, image sizes and openings:. Standard sizes are all based on a practical purpose. A simple to use ordering page for standard format matting boards.

Snapshot of standard photo frame sizes and dimensions

Whilst the differences between these two may seem straightforward, it can help to keep the differentiation in the back of your head when you determine your need for picture frames. In view of the chaotic transformation into mathematical quantities, it is quite understandable why many people just relate to these standard quantities as 5×7, etc. Any of these sizes can be purchased readily at the shop or on-line at Frames Now.

Whereas photographs can in theory be produced in virtually any conceivable format, they are usually produced in standard sizes to preserve the initial page proportion and the usefulness of the format. Individual photoframe sizes are in most cases sizes that you probably won't find when you explore the aisles of your nearest grocery stores, discounters, or on-line frames.

Individual sizes allow you to be creative when you print your photographs, for example by trimming the top and/or bottom of the traditionally landscaped picture to make it a panorama, or by making it more modern by making it quadratic. Always use acid-free matting to preserve your work of art or photograph.

Mesh opening sizes are defined by making a choice to display the entire picture, or possibly a deliberate choice to conceal part of the picture, such as a part of the picture that distracts from the desired focal point. Width of the mat is a choice of visuals.

Mat width can also be defined by which standard sized photo frame is available.

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