Stanton Carpet

Santon Carpet

Find out more ideas about carpets, Stanton carpets and rugs on rugs. The Stanton Carpet Corporation Company Research & Investment Information. The three Stanton quality carpet areas represent all the important facets of the soft floor arena: The Stanton carpet, Royal Dutch Carpets and Antrim Carpets USA, LTD. Stanton Carpet's latest tweets (@stantoncarpet).

The Stanton Carpet Corporation: Information on private companies

The Stanton Carpet Corporation design, manufacture and import ornamental and bespoke carpet for the home and business use. There are structured, woollen structured, plain weaved, woollen blends and synthetics and natural fibre product ranges; wide range and finished carpet ranges with ornamental patterning, woollen blends and synthetics, woollen blends and lavishly wooven synthetics; and handwoven and all naturally woollen product ranges.

The company distributes its flooring product in the United States and Canada as well as through distributors and on-line. Information and information shown in this section is generated and maintained by S&P Global Market Intelligence, a department of S&P Global. If you have any questions, please directly address them to S&P Global Market Intelligence by click here.

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The Stanton carpet (

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Assortment - Don Currie Carpets

As one of Australia's premier woollen carpet dealers, we have the ability to work with the best producers of trendy soft, twisted and terry pole rugs, among them New Zealand's beautifully dyed unbleached loops, corduroy, soft, twisted and terrains (2016).

In addition to the sale of top brand names such as The Bremworth Collection by Cavalier Bremworth, Prestige Carpets and Brintons, you will also find many original lifestyles that have been brought in from America and Europe, such as Stanton Carpets and Nourison with some of the most beautiful prints and contemporary design.

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