Striped Carpet

Streaked carpet

Have a look at more ideas about stairs, teppicht stairs and hall carpets. Are you looking for a carpet with strong patterns? Striped carpets are perfect for rooms, corridors and stairs. Order free samples and order online from Carpetright. The striped carpet is the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold statement.

stripe carpets

A striped carpet is a versatile carpet! Classical striped designs for a wide range of finishes, aesthetic designs and rooms with a refreshing and contemporary look. We have a wide range of strips from thin to thick, linear to hand-drawn, daring to steamed. Streaked carpets can help lead the eyes to certain parts of your room or away from certain areas.

Selecting a strip horizontally or vertically can also help in defining a line or creating a clear image that contrasts sharply with a smooth environment such as a fluffy couch or a flapping drape. Adjust the intensities of your interior spaces with the selection of colors - a tonally balanced blend of neutrals can give your floors a subtile interest, while a graphical monochrome or feral downpour can make a sure sound for the entire room.

Streak design ranges from the classical to the avant-garde to art. CHICAGO's classical carpet is a simple, strong strip that is so varied, or our BOSTON strip offers a warm touch with its slim ribbons of lively wools. Do you have a specific strip width and width in your eye?

With our custom carpet designing services you can customize your striped blanket in terms of sizes, colors, scales and shapes - the only limitation is your fantasy!

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Contrary to some designs, strips can be used on any type of finish, from the wall to the floor, making them a simple pressure that can be integrated into your home. Think about using an irregular striped blanket for something else or a blue-and-white striped broadband blanket for a maritime feeling. Remember, the strips can be either horizontally or vertically!

The addition of a striped carpet to your living room or dinning room can be a great way to subtly add a striking effect or consider a striped effect for your entrance.

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