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Swimming pool mats are specially designed with an open structure to allow the drainage of water, shampoo and soap residues. A wide range of swimming pool and wet area mats are available. Non-slip mats for the pool, changing rooms and showers. Non-slip and hygienic mats for the pool and changing area. The interlocking wet area mat is ideal for use in swimming pools, showers, saunas and changing rooms.

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Delivering swimming pool mats and changing mats takes a great deal of skill, sector know-how and know-how to deliver the right products and the right consultancy. For more than twenty years Bardwell Safety Mats have been delivering to swimming baths. Offering the widest selection of pool mats, we deliver to some of Australia's biggest pool centers.

Answers to all your queries about the anti-slip mats in the swimming pool. The most important check list for large pool centers, suburb recreation centers and educational sports centers is a pool decking that provides a lot of gripping and pulling under the feet, is lightweight and insensitive to chloride, acid and thinner.

Not only is one of the Power Pod items in our Power Pod line chemically stable, it is also 80% lighter than any other item on the store. Non-slip mats - pool terraces, changing rooms, showers. Antimatter mats - pool terraces, pool reception desk, life guard area. Entry mats - Buildings gateways, changing rooms and pool inlets.

Our production of on site production of our own range of Pool Mats and many others in Melbourne. Powder Pod anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats have proven to be the ideal choice for sliding surface in damp areas, especially on pool terraces and changing rooms. These mats, which are produced in Melbourne in our own factory, are revolutionising both their designs and their concepts.

The Aquamaster is an interconnecting pad for swimming baths, shower cabins, spa areas, sauna rooms and changing rooms. Self-emptying system makes Flexi Rib perfect for all sport and recreational environments. Developed for shower rooms, swimming baths, sauna and spa rooms, hotel rooms, bars, boat facilities, hospital buildings, restaurant and laundry facilities.

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And we can even assemble mats for you. Swimming pool mats are available in different mats. In the following you will find some recommended mats for the pool area. Pool mats are available in a variety of designs and functions. Take your needs into account and present us with the challenges. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will advise you on the best choice for your pool areas and your needs.

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