Tailored car Mats with Logo

Made-to-measure car mats with logo

Customised car floor mats for every make and model, choose our luxurious or rubberised car floor mats or boot mats, add personalisation, FREE delivery to the UK. | www.carmats-uk.com. has my mats from here.

Are you looking for an individual set of personalised car mats with your favourite logo? The environmental benefits of high-strength steel in automobiles. Take a look at our selection of quality clothing and accessories with the TOO logo.

Floor mats & trunk linings | Perfect fit made to measure

Receive the latest news delivered every day. Send us your e-mail and you will be informed about the latest news in detail every day. Select from our comprehensive assortment of tailor-made car floor mats, boot mats, bumper protection and more from just 19.99 ?. Shipping costs may vary for non -British mainland destinations.

Personalized, tailor-made car floor mats & boot mats with free delivery to the UK

YOUR Tailored Car Mats are usually shipped within 5-7 workingdays after you place your order with FREE UK Delivery All Inclusive. Exquisite, long-lasting material - We use only the best material to make sure what you buy is of the highest quality and lasts.

Resilient underlay - Granulate underlay is used for your car carpets to make sure they remain in place during the ride. Tailor-made car floor mats - All our car floor mats are built for the highest possible level of craftsmanship. Our company does not save on the material we buy because we want our product to last.

Wherever possible, we use recyclable material to help protect the planet. NON GENUINE automatic machines are delivered as our product range. Supported by UK production, our mats are manufactured in the UK to ensure top UK service and fast lead time. The majority of our kits are 4 mats kits, but some are 2 (like MPV's) or 6 (like MPV's), depending on the car spec.

Made-to-measure car carpets + RalliArt logos Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 (V)

4 fully cut logo mats for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V Modell, manufactured from 1998 to 1999. RalliArt's logo is incorporated into the 2 front mats. In contrast to most other manufacturers, our logo is not just glued or glued on with hot air - it is worked into the mats in a professional manner by our experienced and qualified machine operators in order to achieve a high-quality appearance and finishing.

Mats are available in either a plain dark 700g/m2 sling polo with rubberized back, or you can add a dark 1100g/m2 thick stepped prestige fabric from the drop-down list. Used only for viewing to show what the final result will look like with a favorite trimming feature.

The mats are handmade in our British stock. These mats are NOT originals Mitsubishi mats. ££££s of OE products to help you reduce the cost of your £££s of OE products.

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