Target Rubber Mat

Rubber target mat

Manufactured from padded, high-density, shock-absorbing EVA foam, these Target Active EVA floor mats are durable, portable and easy to store. Aiming mat made with non-slip rubber surface for best agility finish. Hello, you think. Do you think a rubber mat is enough? The Target Pro Tour heavy duty mat.

The mat features championship cast line and international cast line spacing and is made of non-slip rubber.

Archery DIY target - puzzle mats: Perform 6 Step (with pictures)

I am new to arch shooting and have just got my own bows. I would love to fire at home, but unfortunately the straws available from the assortment don't go in a taxi or automobile, so I have to build it myself. I made this thing for about 2 workdays. ONE tag is enough, but I have no more material and the shop is shut. Sorry... I have a poor custom of making things without a plan. This guide would only be as an inspiration for you if you want to do it. You can use your own specification if you want. Jigsaw puzzles come in a 10-pack of 1ft x 1ft dimensions.

did i lay down and joined 9 pcs all together to form a 3ft x 3ft partition in size. piled them together until they are about 1 feet thick. i was looking forward to have normal puzzler pads, but the memory has blended some with letters and pet styles. i just put them in the middle of the stack so pcs don't sprinkle.

with the 1 " x 1" wood I have done justice to this pattern. I have used some back yard wood to make the wall and the floor covering. the dimensions of the boxes are one inches larger than 3ft x 3ft x 3ft x 1ft. I have given permission so that I can push more leaves from above if I have to.

I' m not a good joiner, so I need this. For the back, I've put the synthetic fabric to stop the darts if they are pierced completely, which I don't think because of the thick jigsaw puzzles.

You can use metallic wires, but I don't want to scrape my darts. I made a seperate rectangle with the same size of my speaker, then the net on it was tacked and evenly distributed. Then I tacked it on the back of the speaker to make it even narrower. I used the 3" x 3" blade to make the legs.

it' hard, yes...but it makes it all strong. i used the 3" pins to hold the hard timber together. i put the rollers / bikes under for portability if i want to fire somewhere else. tears and gaps (because i'm not a good carpenter) are handled with glue.

that i used an electrical grinder to smooth the whole thing after the cement cured over night. abrasive paper is best used with a great deal of patient, which i don't have...i mean patient. then i put the jigsaw puzzles properly in the boxes (wires are only temporary). to make it look tidy, i tacked the rug on a squared piece of 1" x 1" timber.

and then I pinned it to the front of the cabinet to make it narrower. I cut the surplus rug from the sides. I put more jigsaw puzzles together from the top to squeeze it more until there's a little curvature on the rug. you can use lacquer or wooden color to make it beautiful. I haven't done mine yet.

It' shooting now.... targets are usually made of papers. These can be placed on the rug with 1" studs (push pegs are not a good concept, they would only fly because of the impact). I have problems with molten froth on my darts. but I learnt from an archer board site that walking on them with barrels would do the job. of course, they' re completely free. well, rarely through the back. as a workaround i put some cardboard between some jigsaw puzzles. the whole thing is not perfectly, but as I said... just to give you an idea. this thing works for me... for now, until the next instruable. commentaries are welcome, thanks!

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