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Browse inspiring galleries, find your favourite carpet, view specifications, order free samples and find your nearest retailer. is a British supplier of tartan carpets. The tartan carpet collection is designed for use in the hotel and leisure industry. We are the UK's oldest, best-known and most renowned carpet designer and manufacturer. Only for business use by Caldew Carpet Manufacturers, Carlisle.

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Glenburn Hotel tartan flight of winding stairs ~ Rothesay, Scotland. Tartan stairs! Today is April tartan nationally, a date for Scots Americans to commemorate their story and contribution to the United States. Tartans is a tartan design directory that is a part of the nation wide network of the tartan industry. This is an online data base operated by the Scotland Government's Chief Executives, the Records of Scotland.

Everyone can sign up for new tartan themes. Glen Kilry carpets in blue are characterised by an eye-catching tartan pattern that adds a touch of class and elegance to your room. Oh, I like the colors in this tartan rug.

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is a British provider of tartan mats. The tartan carpet range is conceived for use in the hotel and recreation industries. This carpet is particularly suitable for use in the major rooms of hotel, club, pub, bar, restaurant and meeting rooms, where walkways may contain footwear with metallic tips or rivets and simple maintenance can also be considered.

Tartan rugs are part of our Finsbury Park, Park Royal and Park Royal Exclusive collections. The Finsbury Park is a Axminster with tufts and both Park Royal and Park Royal Exclusive are from Wilton. View some of our latest hotel, club, golf, pub, bar, restaurant and meeting room developments....

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Nowadays we are confronted with an infinite variety of images, thoughts and design via Google searching and via online community. Now FCS is able to provide our customers with an extended inventory of bespoke and stocked carpet choices, the only limitation being your fantasy. We would like to introduce our new warehouse program - Centauri.

Inspired by the various aspects of the cosmos and the fascinating relationship between man and his secretive natural world, this breathtaking line is a unique blend of the most beautiful and the most beautiful. It is a beloved British series that celebrates the varied styles of the carpet and the strength it has to change a room. Choose Styles by Design for all Australian stock option plans or Stocked Ranges for Brinton's Global Stock.

We offer unrestricted colour or scope designs and a dedicated staff to accompany you on your imaginative trip.

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