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To keep your facility clean, the first line of defense is a floor mat for outdoor use. Wellcome to Millennium Mat Company, one of the world's largest mat manufacturers. Outside-mats that keep your plant clean. AKO Safety Mat Black Quick View. Market leader in the manufacture of floor mats for commercial and industrial applications, including anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats and logo mats.

non-skid outer mat for terrace coverings

Point is the market leading company in the Chinese WPC market and sells its WPC solutions in more than 100 different WPC markets around the globe, including America, Great Britain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, Finland, Australia etc. PVC Chimneys Synthetic Bootsdeck - a teak-effect bootsdeck that enhances the look while at the same time significantly improving the appearance of the....

The WPC planks, made from recycle sand board and synthetic sawn board, are not only non-toxic, they are also known for..... with the appearance of untreated logs, but fewer log issues. The WPC floorboards are a type of new environmentally sound landscape construction materials made from a blend of HDPE and fibre under high temperatures and pressures.

WPC Massive Flooring Applications: WPC ceilings can substitute timber terraces and timber preservation ceilings that have long been used outdoors, in harbours, docks, by the sea, humid areas, wetland areas, water platforms, parking streets and many other landscape and community engineering related sites. Equipped with a feeling for virgin timber and timber structure, the colour can also be adapted to the different personalities of the customer.

Not only are WPC planks made from recyclable timbers and synthetic sawn timbers non-toxic, they are also more long-lasting than traditional pressure-treated sawn timbers. Naturally looking wooden, but fewer wooden issues. Chimney PVC Synthetic Bootsdeck - a teak-effect deck that enhances the look while significantly decreasing the amount of service needed on stainless steel.

As well as marine use, this compelling PVC ceiling effect was designed to be placed under the feet for all areas around the pool, whirlpool, patio and terrace. Plastic PVC Plasticoft Deck are used worldwide and have an envious record for value for money as well as excellent workmanship. In contrast to wood, plastic fences are tenacious, sturdy and long-lasting, do not decompose, do not break, distort, deform, mold or be affected by termites, and best of all, they never have to be painted.

In addition, they are as simple to machine as timber and require no specialist tool. Our PVC Fencing (Railing) range allows you to unwind and spend your outdoor hours without worrying about the maintenance of your enclosure. All our PVC fencing and railing line is made from recyclable material. Because of the existence of recyclable material, some colour and structure fluctuations may appear.

Experience in WPC or familiarity with WPC software solutions. Are you passionate about promoting our WPC solutions in your own area. Increase your image and turnover with high-quality brands. Protective areas around your courtyard swimming pools can be made easy by masking all spray areas with exterior gum matting.

Due to its natural high skid resistance, it is a particularly slip-resistant fabric. Any type of floor covering provides excellent floatability and can safely keep bare floors safely vegetated. Our outdoor floorboards use recycled gum that can withstand exposure to the elements such as rains, rough seas, ultraviolet radiation and other rough environments.

Gum is a nature conservation hydrophobic fabric, so the outdoor gum provides good outdoor grip even in damp conditions. The Duragrid outdoor security mat is the perfect cost-effective choice for unattractive torn concrete surfaces and offers an attractive padded finish. Free drip, non-slip mat contains Vinyzene SB-1, an anti-microbial product to combat mould, moulds and infections to provide a cleaner and healthier finish.

Antislip Terrace Tread Co Elastic Mat The mesh mat designs allow simple assembly and disassembly without damage to the tile or ground. Nonslip rubbers for terraces are your thing. Exterior cover sheets are engineered to be resistant to ultraviolet rays to resist the elements.

Any outdoor deck tile can readily be custom trimmed and is used in a variety of damp duty environments where skid-resistance is a requirement. Plastics Pools Terrace Plastics Pools Terrace Plastics Pools Terrace and Mat are permeated, lightweight module panels. We offer a broad selection of anti-slip matting and only purchase the latest in anti-slip technologies.

We have a wide variety of anti-slip matting to suit all kinds of application, from the heaviest to the softest areas. Nonslip sectional matting with drain holes: High-quality anti-slip locking pad with drain hole for areas with wetness such as workshops, swimming pools and terraces. As the name implies, Rubber Link Blankets are durable 16mm thick foam blankets that can be joined together to provide coverage for any area.

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