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The mats and carpets are a great addition to any room. Doormats DII for a wide range of products. The mat is also available in a choice of five colours and three different sizes. The styles of the door mats range from trench-compatible to purely decorative. Door mats are available in a range of colours and finishes.

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Door mats are a funny and inexpensive way to present your own unique styling to every front door user, from the postman to your best mate. Whilst floor mats offer the precious and important function of removing sludge from your fleece carpet, they are also a kind and welcoming note that reminds you that someone is living inside.

The door mats' style ranges from trench-compatible to pure ornamental. Even though floor mats are not a big financial investment, they are well visible in your home, so it is best to pick one that corresponds to the amount of pedestrian traffic that you will get. The door mats intended for indoor or outdoor use in your home are made of different types of material as they are suitable for handling different types of deposits.

Inner mats are often thin and even in appearance as they are only used to clean small amounts of grime and powder. Outer mats act as a scraper for your footwear and remove outer deposits to help keep your floor covering protected when you enter your home. Outdoor floor mats are subject to a great deal of abrasion, so if you choose a more ornamental floor mat for your front door, it will need to be changed more often.

Belted animal and co-entrance mats now at Tait

And who doesn't like to make an appearance? We at Tait are quite excited about it and the experiences become even more classy with the expansion of our accessory range to include Armadillo & Co mats! The Armadillo & Co was formed by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst when their quest for sincere and grounded carpets for their own home abandoned them empty-handed.

There' a nice sincerity that shows in their product, with each item in the Fair Trade range incorporating Fair Trade practice and made from either sustainably produced fibre or recyclable petrol for the new indoor/outdoor range. We have recently begun to store Armadillo and Co interior and exterior carpets and we are very pleased to add their entry mats to our range.

Made of 100% cannabis, the mats are available in three different size - Extra Small (50x80cm), Small (60x100cm) and Large (50x140cm), ideal for indoors and out. Our ageless mats are very kind to the eyes, visit one of our exhibition rooms and get ready to improve your door!

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