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The world's leading brand of contemporary handmade designer carpets. Rug Company designs and manufactures handmade carpets. Palamon Capital Partners logo. Handcrafted carpets designed by your favourite designers or our in-house design studio. Helm Edwards Public Relations Logo.

Individual carpets and mats directly from the manufacturer!

Try our huge selection of individual carpets and mats for indoors and outdoors. Ranging from outdoor plush carpets to indoor high traffic mats. High-definition photo carpets can capture a high-resolution image or design on carpets. Now we can make you the exact size you need up to 100 inches. Grab an individual carpet or mat with your logo today!

Indoors to outdoors, we have what you need. Just submit us the offer and we will be able to match or exceed the offer when we wear the product! Best kind of files you can submit for your individual carpet or your individual blanket is PDF, .AI or.ESP. Files in these format work best with our individual carpet and mesh production softwares.

In case you don't have this kind of data, we should be able to help you creating it for you. As soon as you are finished, we will give you the logo files along with your individual carpet or your blanket if you have other customer specific items to buy.

Carpet company

Rug Company is the collaboration of 1,662 employees. Ranging from the spin ers and webers to the humans who supply and place the final carpet, the results of al... 2. Request company information! We use a cookie - to provide you with the best possible website experiences. On acceptance, we presume that you are pleased to have received all our website cookie.

Luxurious handmade carpets.

Though they carry a wide variety of styles and styles, certain rooms require something different. We have a wide selection of styles that can be customized to produce a carpet that is perfect for your needs. Colors can be modified, special forms and dimensions can be ordered, threads can be modified and samples can be enlarged or reduced.

Thanks to their committed teams, you can select from among tens of thousand colors, or they can fit a pattern of anything you brought us. Patterns can be made into bishops, oval shapes, circular shapes, squares and more. During the entire lifecycle they will show you renders of the suggested theme and how it might look on site, and can also make a small pattern to verify the new colors or fabrics.

However, this waiting time seems to be brief when you compare it with the centuries in which your individual item will withstand.

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