Thick Carpet

Deep carpet

Carpets are produced in either cut pile, loop pile or a combination of the two. Pile carpets are made by cutting the yarn loops, resulting in an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile. The carpet density is basically a combination of height and thickness. Deep Pile Carpets & Thick Shag Pile Carpets included. Consider the thickness, elasticity, material and weight of the carpet pile.

Teppichstile - What is a carpet? Declared carpet types

The rugs are produced in either chopped or looped fabric or a mixture of the two. Below is some information to help you choose the best carpet for your needs and the look you are looking for. Sawn pole rugs are made by trimming the thread straps, resulting in an erect nap that has a more luxury, shaped look than the strap pole.

Velvety satin look and even, erect finishing give a sleek look. Glossy and luxury finishing, similar to fluffy, but with a higher pitch and slightly more turn in the thread. The fibres are tightly wrapped for a luxury look. Deluxe feeling with a more structured finishing.

Deluxe feeling and a classy, less shaped, almost ragged look. Garment straps provide a sleek look with a sleek, supple grip and a variety of striking designs through a mix of higher and lower straps. Distinctly structured bow finishing produced by a single bow.

Structured surface consisting of ribbons of different thicknesses. Structured pole of a sling produced in series. Normally a larger pole in neutrals from brown to beige with occasionally stains in different colours. This carpet consists of a mixture of chopped and woven yarn and can produce sculptural and patterns effect such as square, vortex etc..

Lots of different designs can be attained in a variety of different fashions. Elegant finishing with a sleek, supple handle and a series of striking designs that combine Levels of Loop and Custom-Fit. Structured finishing with striking designs obtained through a flat strap and chopped nap in different nap thicknesses.

2nd thickness is not better .

Put in simple terms, the nap of a carpet relates to the denseness of the fibres - shallow (short nap) or ragged (long nap). This goes together with the pitch of a carpet, i.e. the depth of a carpet seen from the carpet's top to its back. These are the five most important stack hands you should know.

Stacking height varies: less than 1/4? (low); 1/4? to 1/2? (medium); 1/2? to 3/4? (plush); some shafts will be longer. A thick nap is not necessarily synonymous with goodness. A few very thin carpets are thin. However, heavily frequented areas can profit from carpets with a certain degree of thickness. Short carpets usually last slightly longer than longer stacks.

Longer carpet piles may be softer and more luxury to the touch, but they are more prone to bruising and markings (i.e. the leg). Rogues and other longer piled carpets can get trapped in your rotary baffleboard.

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