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Big carpet tiles

An impermeable loop pile carpet that offers a durable solution. Teppichfliesen do not have the softness of a carpet because they are not so thick. Teppichfliesen are also usually found in loop stacks. No self-adhesive carpet tile cuboid. Peeling & gluing of Berber carpet tiles (see Amazon).

Before ordering

And if you don't find what you're looking for below and need further support, please call Customer Service at 866.952. More information is available when you buy carpet tiles to see a particular look, or call Customer Service at 866.952.4093. Each sample is available at a price of US $2.00. So if you order 3 patterns, the costs will be US $6. 00; 6 patterns would be US $12.00.

Patterns usually reach us within 7 to 10 workingdays. Where do I know how many tiles to buy / are you suggesting a surplus? Type in your measurements and our pocket size guide will tell you how many tiles you need to order. Or call Customer Service at 866.952. For more information about our return and recycling program, click here.

When I get my tiles, what do I do? ┬┐How to include or exclude a field? Try not to tear or tear the fields apart with your own hand or violence. Otherwise the field itself may be damaged or cracked. Is it possible to move my carpet after installation?

The longer the stones are seated, the simpler it will be to move. It allows you to move the checkers, but you want to make sure that you don't force it. Just lift the carpet angle and let it fully cool before use. Every humidity that penetrates into the tiles could destroy the underlying floor and cause a water mark, so we suggest to remove the tiles and only replace them when they are fully cured.

Wholesale of thick carpet tiles, suppliers of carpet tiles

Products and suppliers: Approximately 45% are carpets, 5% are tiles and 1% are other floor coverings. There are a number of thick carpet tile option available, such as print, shag and embroider. Thick carpet tiles are free patterns or payed patterns. We have 1,304 carpet tile manufacturers, mainly in Asia.

China (mainland), Japan and India are the main supplier with 96%, 2% and 1% thick carpet tiles respectively. Big carpet tile items are most loved in North America, Southeast Asia and domestically. Guarantee your own security by choosing from 316 ISO9001 and 79 ISO9001 and 64 Others vendors, all of which are accredited to meet your requirements.

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