Thick front door Mats

Big entrance mats

A high quality, extra thick, hand-woven doormat that will enhance your entrance area or patio. The thick red border reinforces each entrance area. The extra durable, thick vinyl backing ensures that no dangerous slipping occurs during use. It develops, produces and imports durable, uniquely designed floor mats in a variety of price categories, qualities and sizes. Don't let him treat you like a doormat.

Doormats are a valid word in this word list.

House door mats, coconut mats, living entrance mats

Home door mats provide a smoother, classy home look. This coconut mats and door mats are available in a multitude of designs, strengths and dimensions that fits in front of every front door, back door and every door. Home-door mats match practically any d├ęcor.

Rubber mats in door mats & doormats

Highly durable elastic mats, a smaller size of our industry size mats. - High load - Designed for high frequency, durable areas, does not rise or deform. CA. 1 CM DICK. 100% NATURAL CAOUTCHOUC. LONG-LASTING EMBROIDER EDGE. Manufactured from a unique, molded 100% gum blanket, this pad is long lasting.

Heavier mats to make sure you can clean your boots correctly. Those mats are what we would call a "tire product".... The TROOPER OUTDOOR input must be set to 3' x 6' - 3"/8 thick MET-RUBER. This is the ultimative protection for your garages floors (oil resistant). GARAGENBODENMATTE. GUARANTEE MATS. Prevents the ground from wearing out.

GRIP OF THE GRIP grip of the grip 44 " x 67" x 1/4 thick . One of the most beloved of our mats, our elastic entry mats offers excellent abrasion properties, portability and durability. Finely grooved mats provide an excellent non-slip floor coating.


Our solutions allow our clients to anticipate years of use from each of the options available in the family. Thanks to the mats' recyclable properties, it is now simpler than ever to make them look cool and new, which guarantees a long-lasting effect. Our belief is that everything we do is of the highest possible standard and that our clients will be awarded with a high value but still reasonable end result that surpasses all expectation.

Coconut mats cut to measure | Creased entrance mats | Embraced carpet Washable floor mats

We have several different floor mat choices from which you can select according to what you want and how you want it to look and what you want them to look like. There are 3 major option for sale, coconut mats, barrier rib mats and washable floor mats. Coconut mats are the ideal solution when it comes to long-lasting mats.

Superabsorbent fibers are a naturally derived ingredient from coconuts and are therefore ideal for taking humidity from footwear before it gets into your home. The naturalness also makes this environmentally compatible and recycable as well. A further advantage of using mats is that they are very rough, which makes them the ideal scrapers.

This durable door mats is one of the best product for this end alone, which is a why many households and companies opt for these mats. A durable rubber backing is supplied with our cotton mats to ensure that the humidity they absorb does not penetrate to the ground, making them watertight.

The cooperation with our producers over the last 4 years has ensured that we can ensure the best possible coconut mat for you. Coconut mats on rolls are made to measure so that you can order what you need. Cutting to the next 25 cm from 1 meter by the width or reel, which is available in 1 and 2 meter width.

Coconut mats are available in different thickness and colors. You can consider a cleanable door mats made of wool for interior door mats to be used on the finish of your rug or floor covering. One of the major advantages of using mats made of wool is that they are very absorbent and easily cleaned, as they are both machine washed and dryable.

Another advantage of wash-able mats is that they are quite thin, which makes sure that they are less prone to stumbling as they lie quite level to your ground. Featuring many brand names of wash-able door mats, such as Turtle mat and Hug Rug, there are many styles, samples, colours as well as dimensions to suit your interiors and styles.

The Hug Rug Rug door mats are what we suggest to use on all types of surfaces up to Amtico and Karndean and all other luxurious vinyls. Featuring a recyclable backing, PVC minimizes slippage on tough surfaces and also allows you to trimm the mats, and once the first lint has disappeared, it won'tfringe.

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