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Coconut fibre designer floor mats are perfect for giving your porch a unique look while keeping dirt, mud and debris out of the house. Design your home with this doormat Circle Monogram. With our cool, unique floor mats that leave a lasting impression with every step you take out of the door, you can set your house apart from the rest of the block. Share your own story with an individual doormat. With love painted and made to order, our mats are funny and unique!

Fifteen cool floor mats: Colourful, fun and environmentally friendly

When you are looking for the ideal floor mat for your home, there are certainly many possibilities. I' ve found a wide range of great floor mats made from environmentally sound material, many of which are completely degradable. For example, carbon floor mats are made from virgin carbon fibres. If a 100% cotton floor mat is worn out, you can easily throw it into your waste container.

If you want to greet your visitors with a bit of enjoyment, I've found some laser-engraved doormats from Damn Good Doormats that put humorous words on their unique range of amusing welcome matting. Also I found great floor matting made of recycle and highly recycle material like recycle Hummer rope and plastic thongs.

There' s no need to buy another way with so many stylish, eco-friendly floor mats! Floor mats made of nature fibres are always a good choice. Sometimes, if the floor mat is made of 100% virgin fibres, such as shell coconuts, they can be crushed and used as garden debris or, as noted above, thrown into your waste container.

Much of the welcome matting I present here is made of coconut fibre. It is an environmentally sound mat ting because you don't get a bad feeling when you dispose of it once it is worn out. At the forefront of Kempf supply is a broad range of naturally fibre and recyclable floor matting.

Made from 100% virgin cotton fibres from cabbage. One more great long-lasting fibre that makes nice floor matting is canvas. Abaca is also sometimes referred to as "Manila hemp" and is a super-strong fibre obtained from plant bananas. The Magic by Crochet Hand company produces carpets and matting from high density fabrics and fabrics.

These mats are made of untreated cotton and are available in different lengths. Only because your floor mats are environmentally sound doesn't mean they have to be serious! Doormats Damn Good are made of nature chocolate, but they have a small PVC synthetic material for a non-slip back.

There are so many fun floor mats in Damn Good Doormats that you just have to visit their shop on Etsy to see them all. When you have a barks in the home, this "knock on the doors and let me give you a tune of my singing people" floor mat is a must.

You can also make other customized floor mats orders. So why not squeeze it out with the mats? Nickel Design Shop's welcome mats are also made from coconut fibre. When you want a natural design for your environmentally sound floor mats, here are some great styles based on natural and wildlife inspiration.

Habitat manufactures a range of biologically degradable coco floor mats. They are also dyed with environmentally safe dyestuffs and water-based paints. Also made of virgin fibre, this welcome pine apple blanket is made of virgin fibre. Entranceways has a range of environmentally sound floor mats, some featuring gutter strips and others featuring a slogan. The colourful floor mats are hand-made, also from durable cotton fibres.

High-quality cable floor mats provide your guest with a cheerful welcome. Headquartered in Maine, Cape Porpoise Trading Company manufactures a range of unique, colourful floor mats from recyclable hummer strings. For the Alaska River Company, we create a wide range of colourful, recyclable mats. I' ve found NJ East Coasters to be a new label that makes really great home accessoires with recycled  rubber, recycling wet plastics and highcycling wet plastics.

These are some of my favourite recycling pads they make. And the American Mate Company also makes some great floor matting from recyclable rubbers and wetsuits. A welcome pad made of recyclable flip-flops, it' thick and comfortable for barefoot when you come from the parks or the beaches.

When you like aesthetics but want something different than coconut fibre and fleece, how about wooden or corky floor mats? Handcrafted from environmentally sound recycled gumboard. The mat is awarded the "uber eco-friendly" prize because it is made of highly recycled nature mats. First of all, nature cure cement is a durable product.

Here is a Kempf classical floor mat made from recycled tyres. That' s why I like it when they are used well in this classical, environmentally sound mats. And I think you'll appreciate that the most cool way to welcome your visitors is with a floor mat that is simple on earth.

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